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Are Rowenta air purifiers loud?

Testing the sound levels of a mid-range Rowenta Pure Air purifier in real world conditions

Rowenta Pure Air sound test

Here at Test and Review we like to make all kind of tests that might be useful to you as a consumer. Today we are sharing a video with the sound levels of a mid-range Rowenta Pure Air purifier to get a better idea if these air purifiers are not too loud. 

The noise level of a Rowenta air purifier can vary depending on the specific model and its settings. In general, air purifiers can produce some level of noise, as they use a fan to circulate air through a filter. However, many models, including Rowenta, come with multiple speed settings, which allows you to adjust the fan speed and noise level to your preference.

According to some customer reviews, Rowenta air purifiers are generally considered to be quiet, with noise levels ranging between 25-60 dB. 

So, here is the sound test:

Rowenta Pure Air sound test - video

As you can hear, the Rowenta PU3040F0 is quite loud on regular day mode and very loud on turbo mode. I personally couldn't stand the day mode for more than 30 minutes and the turbo mode more than 5 minutes. 

Of course on sleep and night mode this air purifier is just fine but then I am not quite sure how efficient it would be when cleaning the air.

So, this was the answer to the important question - are Rowenta air purifiers loud. It is up to you to decide if this noise is bearable or you should skip on cleaning the air at home. We would always recommended to check the noise level of the specific model you're interested in, before purchasing.