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Cellularline Sensation case for Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52S smartphones - consumer feedback

Testing the Cellularline Sensation case for Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52S

Cellularline Sensation case for Samsung

Finding a proper case for the Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G was kind of easy. I needed a very quick visit in the tech store to find the Cellularline Sensation case for Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52S which happens to be one of the best cases for this smartphone. 

Main features of the Cellularline Sensation case

  • Silicone case made of the soft-touch material and soft microfiber inside that is scratch resistant.
  • Microban - special antibacterial technology implemented in the material
Cellularline Sensation case A52/A52S

The Cellularline Sensation case for A52s fitted just perfectly to the phone and leaves that satisfying feeling of a product that is made for this specific model. We all know that is not the case with many accessories out there. 

The material that is made of is really pleasant to the touch and is quite grippy. 
I haven't used the Cellularline Sensation case for too long but it definitely has good ergonomics and looks and feels durable. 
Cellularline Sensation

As a small note I wouldn't say the rear camera protection is the best possible but esthetically the phone looks really nice with the case on.

Cellularline Sensation - product price

As you probably sensed from my feedback so far I really like the case. Probably the only think that I don't like about it is the price. 
I wish it costs less than the price I paid for it - 20 Euro. Well, it is not a lot of money but for an accessory in this segment I believe 10-15 Euro is a more satisfying price. 

Cellularline Sensation case - overall feedback
I really like this product because it is well made, has some innovative thing with the Microban material and also fits the phone just fine.

The quality of this product reminded me of the Diztronic cases that I was using long time ago. Their TPU cases were quite sturdy and pleasant to the touch. I used the Diztronic Samsung Galaxy Nexus TPU case and the Samsung Galaxy S4 case
Later I tested the Diztronic iPhone 5 TPU case which was also pretty good.

I would also recommend you to check our initial review of the Samsung Galaxy A52s before even equipping it with the Cellular Sensation case.