Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G - first impressions

Consumer feedback and first impressions with the midrange smartphone Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G

Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G first impressions

In today's review I would like to share my first impressions with the Samsung Galaxy A52S smartphone. That is basically a 5G version of the slightly cheaper Galaxy A52. Both these are midrange phones that are quite capable and come at a very competitive price.

First look at the Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G 

The very first impressions with this smartphone are quite positive. Here are the features that I liked the most: 

  • Simple and elegant design - I tested the black version of the A52S but there are few more choices that look good as well (lavender, white and green). The glossy glass back from the A50 is gone and now the phone looks more stylish and sturdy.
  • Bright 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass.
  • IP67 rated - resistant to dust and water splash. If you are experiencing any issues with dust and moisture with your Samsung smartphone though, please check Samsung Warning: Unplug charger immediately
  • 5 cameras overall - 4 very useful rear cameras and a pretty decent front (selfie) camera. The main 64MP camera is sharp and manages some great bokeh photos. 
  • 5G - supporting the fastest network at the moment is a huge advantage for any modern smartphone.
  • Good price - priced under $400 the A52S checks all boxes and is quite affordable. 
Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G screen

Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G rear

So these are the few qualities of the A52S that draw my attention. The user experience is also on a very good level - with 6GB of RAM and fast processing power this smartphone handles heavy apps and multitasking quite well.

The test photos and videos that came out of the A52S are also on a very good level, feature that will attract many consumers like myself that like to take a lot of pictures (currently thousands of photos taken and stored on my Note 9). 

This A52S was paired with a quality silicone case - Cellularline Sensation which suits this smartphone very well (a bit expensive though). 
Cellularline Sensation for Samsung Galaxy A52S

It hast soft padding on the inside and is quite pleasant to the touch on the outside. Apart from that, the manufacturer claims it is made by some kind of innovative material but we will share more in a follow up review specifically for this case.

What is in the box?

Samsung Galaxy A52S - what is in the box
In the box of the Samsung Galaxy A52S you can find the phone, USB Type-C charger, pin for the SIM slot and some instruction manuals.

Samsung Galaxy A52S - 5G smartphone review
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