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What are YouTube Handles?

 What is a YouTube Handle and do you need it?

what are YouTube Handles

In the last couple of days many YouTube users received a notification in regards to the rollout of a new feature in the video platform - Handles. But what are YouTube Handles and do we actually need them?

Well, since the feature is still not released (promised to come live in couple of days) we can mostly share what the company had to say about Handles:

What is a YouTube handle?
A YouTube handle is basically a new way to find and connect with fellow creators on the video platform. That would be possible via unique '@' identifiers similar to what we have already seen in some other social platforms. 
In case you already have a personalized URL for your channel, YouTube will reserve this for you as your handle or can change it to a different handle.

So, that is all we know about YouTube Handles for now. Once released we will share more detailed info and the advantages of using YouTube Handles.

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