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What are YouTube Handles?

 What is a YouTube Handle and do you need it?

what are YouTube Handles

In the last couple of days many YouTube users received a notification in regards to the rollout of a new feature in the video platform - Handles. But what are YouTube Handles and do we actually need them?

Well, since the feature is still not released (promised to come live in couple of days) we can mostly share what the company had to say about Handles:

What is a YouTube handle?

A YouTube handle is basically a new way to find and connect with fellow creators on the video platform. That would be possible via unique '@' identifiers similar to what we have already seen in some other social platforms. 
A YouTube handle is also known as a channel name, and it's the name that appears next to your profile picture on your channel.
  • Your YouTube handle can be up to 20 characters long, and it can include letters, numbers, spaces, and underscores.
  • When you create a new YouTube channel, you'll be prompted to choose a handle. You can change your handle at any time, but keep in mind that changing it will also change the URL of your channel.
  • Your YouTube handle should be memorable, easy to pronounce, and relevant to your channel's content. Avoid using numbers or symbols that can be confusing or difficult to remember.
  • You can use your YouTube handle to brand your channel and create a unique identity for your content. Many popular YouTubers have catchy handles that are associated with their brand.
  • Your YouTube handle is also used to create a custom URL for your channel. Once you've met the eligibility requirements for a custom URL, you can choose a URL that matches your handle or reflects your brand.
  • Finally, keep in mind that your YouTube handle is public, and anyone can see it. Make sure you choose a handle that you're comfortable sharing with your audience and that reflects your personality or brand.
In case you already have a personalized URL for your channel, YouTube will reserve this for you as your handle or can change it to a different handle.
It's important to note that YouTube handles must follow YouTube's terms of service and community guidelines. This means that it cannot contain offensive or inappropriate language and should not impersonate another person or brand.

So, that is all we know about YouTube Handles for now. Once released we will share more detailed info and the advantages of using YouTube Handles.

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