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Best screen protector for Samsung Galaxy A53 - armorMi edge

In the search for the best screen protector for Samsung Galaxy A53 we test the armorMi edge tempered glass

armorMi edge A53
armorMi edge for Samsung Galaxy A53

To be honest, it is the first time we test something from the armorMi by Lamel brand. The screen protector we will review today is for our brand new Samsung Galaxy A53 5G smartphone and is specifically made to fit this model. 
There are several types of screen protectors available for the Samsung Galaxy A53, including tempered glass screen protectors and film screen protectors. Tempered glass screen protectors offer more protection against scratches and cracks, while film screen protectors are cheaper and easier to apply. Some popular brands of screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy A53 include Spigen, Whitestone, and amFilm. It's important to note that not all screen protectors are compatible with all phone models, so be sure to check that the screen protector you choose is specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy A53.

screen protector features

armorMi edge for Samsung A53 G5 - main features

This is basically a tempered glass protector that covers the front part of the smartphone entirely. For the rear we use the Cellularline ultra-thin soft rubber case.

armorMI edge features

  • Material - tempered glass
  • Damage protection
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy clean
  • Thin design - 0.33 thickness and 9h hardness
  • Affordable - around $10
screen protector specifications

There isn't really anything special to be said for a mid-range smartphone protector besides if it is doing its job well or not. The armorMi edge fits fine on the Galaxy A53 and has a complete set of accessories that come with it, including wet wipe to clean it before installing the protector and also a small cleaning cloth.

For now we are going to keep the armorMi edge on the A53 since it looks and feels like a good display protection. Later on we may try a different one from Hama or Spigen.

We would also recommend you to check the Cellularline Sensation case for Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52S which also made a very good impression on us.

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