Dell Latitude 5420 keyboard tested

We test and review the keyboard of the compact business laptop Dell Latitude 5420

Dell Latitude 5420 keyboard

It is almost always that when we get a brand new laptop we spend some time testing and taking a closer look at its keyboard.

Today we are reviewing the keyboard of the compact business laptop Dell Latitude 5420 which we used for almost a month.

Some of the specific specifications of the keyboard on the Latitude 5420 include:

  • Spill-resistant design
  • Anti-ghosting technology
  • Multimedia keys
  • Dual-pointing device (pointing stick and touchpad)
  • Windows Hello fingerprint reader integrated into the power button
  • Thin bezel design

Dell Latitude 5420 keyboard - build quality

keyboard build quality

Just like most Dell business laptop, the keyboard implemented in the Latitude 5420 is build quite sturdy and feels solid. There are no strange noises or rattling when typing, which is definitely good news.

Dell Latitude 5420 keyboard - comfort

The Latitude 5420 is a small laptop and therefore has small keys on its keyboard. But they are not really that small, especially when we compared them to the much bigger Dell Precision 3520 laptop keyboard

They are flat keys and the key travel is good. There is not much side movement of the keys and the comfort when using this keyboard for longer periods is good.

Other thoughts

You may find it boring but we have to say it again. Almost all of the Dell laptop keyboards that we have tested so far were good. 

And we are not getting paid to say that, it is just that we have tested so many different brands and we've noticed that Dell is paying a lot of attention to their laptop keyboards.

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