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Dell Precision 3520 keyboard

Dell Precision 3520 keyboard test and consumer feedback

Dell Precision 3520 keyboard test

We got the Dell Precision 3520 workstation and it has been working great so far. So, we decided to provide you with some additional feedback about the different components of this high-end laptop and discuss its pros and cons.

Today we are taking a closer look the Precision 3520 keyboard after some real-world tests. The first impressions are positive but not entirely with some minor drawbacks.

The keyboard

To start with, we love Dell laptop keyboards. We totally liked the Dell Latitude E7240 keyboard which is one of the most comfortable we have ever tested.

Dell Precision keyboard menu

In Dell Precision 3520 keyboard we have a fully-sized keyboard, including a numeric pad. To be honest we don't like numeric keyboards on laptops and we rarely use it.

Honestly, we wish this keyboard was like the one in the Precision 5510 and 5520 which skip the numeric pad in favour of more space for the letter keys.

Other than that, the Precision 3520 keyboard has good key travel, it is relatively silent and looks durable.

Precision 3520 keyboard feedback
Dell Precision 3520 keyboard with numeric keypad

Another thing that we hate is the reduced key size compared to previous Precision and Latitude models. We are not sure why Dell did it but if any from their laptop engineering team reads this, please guys make the keys bigger, just like they used to be 5-6 years ago.

Dell Precision keyboard test in 2020 - video

Not sure if this model's keyboard is spill-proof  but we believe we saw this specification somewhere. If you have some info if there is any IP-rating for dust, water or other, please tell us in the comments below.

Dell Precision keyboard replacement - video

Well, we can rate the Dell Precision 3520 keyboard as one of the good ones we have tested. It definitely is not the best one but it is mostly positives about it that we can share.

In our next series we will be testing the touchpad of the Precision 3520 laptop, so stay tuned for that one.

Thank you for checking our Dell Precision 3520 consumer keyboard review!

Have you run into any problems with your laptop keyboard? Please share your feedback about the best laptop you have ever used so far, we will be happy to hear your thoughts!