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Dell Urban Backpack 15 - is it any good?

We test and review the functional and yet very comfortable Dell Urban Backpack 15

Dell Urban Backpack 15 tested

We had the Dell Urban Backpack 15 just for couple of days but it was enough for proper test and review. Of course we will share long-term feedback in case we decide to use it permanently and switch from our current daily backpacks - HP and Wenger. 

Dell Urban Backpack 15 - product quality

product quality

Dell Urban Backpack 15 feels very well made, like a quality business backpack. Even though it is quite sturdy and capable of carrying heavy loads it is not very heavy. That is due to the fact that Dell used light and durable materials for the production of the Urban Backpack 15. 

Dell Urban Backpack 15 - functionality

Dell Urban Backpack 15 main pocket

The Urban Backpack 15 is the typical laptop business backpack that would fit most laptops up to 15-inches. We would assume that it would be a great fit for some students who already need their laptops on daily basis or an IT professional who carries around their laptop, charger, mouse and few other peripherals throughout the day.

backpack zipper

The main pocket is big enough and the zippers feel quality, like they are going to last.

Dell Urban Backpack 15 - dimensions

The Urban Backpack 15 measures 305x480x170 mm.

Dell Urban Backpack 15 - product price

The average asking price for this backpack is around $40.


product tag

We totally like the Urban Backpack 15 and cant wait to put it into work. We will definitely give some more consumer feedback about it after a while.

Dell also offers a very similar EcoLoop Urban Backpack version, which features weather-resistant, double zipper closure, padded sleeve, air mesh padded back, 2 side stretch pockets.

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