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What do we know about NEI TVs?

NEI TVs - are they any good? What do we know about them already and the models we have tested so far

NEI TVs opinion

We still haven't tested many NEI TVs but we decided to spend some time discussing this not so popular TV brand.

To be honest, we don't know much about this TV brand but we have seen some very decent offers, mostly online. Most of the products are produced or coming from Romania, a country that developed quite a lot in the consumer electronics segment in the last couple of years.

The only NEI TV that we have reviewed so far is the 32-inch NEI 32NE4000, which is a cheap HD TV offered mostly in Eastern Europe. 

Another popular model is the 40-inch 4k Smart TV NEI 40NE6900 which is extremely cheap for what it offers - under 200 Euro.

One of their most expensive models is the 65NE6900 which is a 65-inch big-screen TV with 4k picture and a Wi-Fi enabled Smart TV. The price is around 400 Euro, again a pretty good deal for such a big display.

We think that if the company keeps their pricing policy and they offer well made and affordable products, they may become the new star in the segment.

There are just a few consumer reviews about NEI TVs that we have found online but we expect from you to join the conversation and share your opinion about them (in case you own a NEI television or another of their products). Your feedback would be much appreciated. 

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