What kind of job to search for if you are in Bulgaria?

Here is a short list with popular jobs in Bulgaria in case you are in the search for new position in the small Balkan country

Bulgarian jobs

Here is a list of some of the most popular jobs in Bulgaria:

  1. Software developer/programmer
  2. IT specialist
  3. Engineer
  4. Accountant
  5. Medical doctor
  6. Sales representative
  7. Teacher
  8. Customer service representative
  9. Logistics specialist
  10. Human resources specialist

Please note that the popularity of jobs can vary depending on the current job market and economic conditions in Bulgaria. This is a general list and it may not be accurate for current time.

It is worth to note that the most popular jobs in Bulgaria are highly related to IT and Software industry, due to the growing need for technology and digitalization in business. Also, healthcare and education are popular career fields, as well as finance and accounting.

Here is a list of some of the well-paid jobs in Bulgaria:

  1. Software developer/programmer
  2. IT manager
  3. Engineer (specifically in the fields of mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering)
  4. Financial analyst/manager
  5. Investment banker
  6. Management consultant
  7. Doctor (specifically in the fields of surgery, cardiology, and neurology)
  8. Lawyer
  9. Human resources manager
  10. Sales manager

The salaries for these jobs can vary depending on the specific company, location, and an individual's level of experience and qualifications. Also, the job market in Bulgaria is dynamic and it can change over time.

It's worth mentioning that the salary levels in Bulgaria are lower than in most Western European countries. Therefore, the jobs listed above may not have the same salary levels as their counterparts in other countries.

Finding a job in Sofia, Bulgaria