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Philips XB2123/09 vacuum cleaner - is it any good?

My short consumer opinion about the Philips XB2123/09 vacuum cleaner

Philips XB2123/09 vacuum cleaner

As some of you probably know I became a big fan of Miele products in the last couple of years and that is why I have bought at least three of their vacuum cleaners (some for personal use and some for gifts). 

And to be honest I am quite happy with the performance of the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine that I have been using since 2020 and the Miele C1 Classic which is our secondary vacuum cleaner.

Philips XB2123/09 - pros and cons

The FC8779/09 caught my attention today just because there was a huge discount of over 40% in one of the local electronics stores. I have previously owned couple of Philips vacuum cleaners and they did a good job but I wouldn't classify them as premium products. 
One of the products that we tested was the Philips FC8779/09 which is a higher end model with good cleaning and air-filtering capabilities. 

The lower end models also did well but they lasted for couple of years before I sold them second-hand (because of decreasing performance after a while).

Now lets focus on the Philips XB2123/09 itself and its main pros and cons:
  • Powerful 
  • Affordable
  • Relatively compact and lightweight
  • Good build quality
  • Long power cable
  • Relatively quiet
  • Super Clean Air filter
  • There are cheaper vacuum cleaners with the same specs
  • More standard accessories could be included
  • Some models in this class offer better filters

Philips XB2123/09 is a very decent vacuum cleaner, especially if you find it on sale sine it is an older model. If not on sale I would recommend you to go for any of the newer models that have the more recent versions of the PowerCyclone system.