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Philips O’Neill SHO8801 The Snug headphones product review

Philips O’Neill SHO8801 The Snug headphones product review

Philips O’Neill SHO8801 The Snug headphones specs

Philips O’Neill SHO8801 The Snug headphones - as I saw these on sale at eBay today I decided to give it a closer look at see what are these interesting headphones all about.
First of all I should mention they have really nice cool design, this particular model is called Black Ice and it really looks nice. But headphones aren't about looks, they are all about sound quality.
Philips O’Neill headphones
Philips O’Neill SHO8801 The Snug headphones
Philips on-ear headphones deliver the perfect combination of DJ-quality sound, flawless fit, and sporty urban style. With cool black graphics, The Snug features a tough, tangle-free cable, reinforced aluminum connectors, premium audio quality, and soft, noise-isolating ear cushions to prove there's tons of substance behind all that style. Perfect for anyone who refuses to stay in one place, The Snug has a durable, flat-folding design, just throw it in your bag and rest assured that nothing will crush these super-tough headphones.

Another interesting thing about the Philips O’Neill SHO8801 headphones is the price. They are offered for less than £20 which is a very good price for a product like this one.

These headphones are built to last. Unlike headphones with plastic cables, The Snug is constructed with a flexible, tangle-free fabric cable that won't bunch up and disrupt your listening experience. Cable stress relief means that if the cable gets caught, it will disconnect without pulling on your headphones or listening device, a great feature for active users. For even greater protection, strong aluminum connectors reinforce the audio jack to prevent breakage.

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