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Airelec Tactic Pro 2500W electric heater - 3 years later

Consumer review of the 2500W electric heater Airelec Tactic Pro after 3 years

Airelec Tactic Pro 2500W electric heater - 3 years later

The winter is close and many consumers are looking for the best heating system. But with so many offers you can easily get lost with your choice.

We have been testing various electric heaters throughout the years but one brand remained as our favorite - Airelec and their electric convectors. 

Today we are taking a closer look at the Airelec Tactic Pro 2500W which we used for more than 3 years (wintertime only, of course). From all of the convectors that we tested in the recent years, the Tactic Pro performed probably the best. Here are the main reasons:

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Airelec Tactic Pro 2500W - consumer feedback

  • Warms the room very quickly - the heat coming from this unit is way different and much more pleasant compared to the one coming from our air-conditioners.
  • It is quietAirelec Tactic Pro is almost fully silent. Only when it is on full power for some time and you can hear a little squeaking when it cools down.
  • Not extremely hot to the touch - thangs to its huge surface area it gets warm but not extremely hot. Still you need to leave some minimum space to the closest objects.
  • Precise temperature control - with the help of small digital display you can easily adjust the desired temperature anytime.
  • Affordable - it is really amazing how this premium convector that is made in France can cost under 200 Euro. We found it on sale the other day for just 140 Euro which is an amazing price.
  • 7-year warranty
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After over 3 years of use we can say that the Airelec Tactic Pro 2500W still looks and works like new. The price temperature control helps with the electric bill, something quite important with all electric heaters.
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Of course there are similar products in the segment, like the Tedan PH 200 2000W which we tested some time ago and that are also doing a good job. But with the Airelec convectors that we used we got a sense of quality that wasn't present on many other brands.

Airelec electric convectors - consumer feedback