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Dell Latitude E7240 BIOS issue fixed

Dell Latitude E7240 BIOS issue fixed - root cause and resolution steps

Dell Latitude E7240 drivers
Dell Latitude E7240

The previously reported issue with the Dell Latitude E7240 seems to be fixed now with the latest drive update on Dell's support site. I've already installed the release and currently am monitoring if it will show any difference compared to previous behavior. 

Dell Latitude E7240 keyboard test

As I mentioned in my initial post about the BIOS and driver issue with the Latitude E7240  there seems to be some problems with how the controllers react after operating system update or change. Many people reported issues with noisy fans working all the time even when the laptop on minimum load. Hopefully this new release will fix this. You can find more about this BIOS version as well as download link here.

If any Latitude E7240 owners had already tried it I would appreciate their feedback in the comment form below. Thanks and stay tuned for more computer news and updates. 

Oral-B TriZone 500 electric toothbrush tested

Test and review of the electric toothbrush Oral-B TriZone 500 color edition (orange)

Oral-B TriZone toothbrush
Oral-B TriZone toothbrush

We haven't paid too much attention to health improving products in our blog and that is why we are initiating a series of consumer tests and reviews of some interesting gadgets that do good for your health. 
Today we are testing the budget electric toothbrush Oral-B TriZone in its orange version.
 As you probably know Oral-B offers a wide variety of electric toothbrushes starting from $15 and topping over $200 for some of their exclusive models with couple of  cleaning heads and many other extras.  Oral-B TriZone is a mid-range which is targeting consumers who don't want to spend too much on their new electric toothbrush. In Europe you can find it for around 35-40 Euros which is a good price for a rechargeable electric toothbrush.
Oral-B TriZone comes with one cleaning head included in the package which included multi-dimensional cleaning technology and sweeping bristles.
Oral-B TriZone toothbrushOral-B TriZone cleaning head

Oral-B TriZone comes with standing charger which takes a while to get fully charged but then the battery would last for at least couple of cleaning sessions. This toothbrush also has a Professional Timer which slows the cleaning head every 30 seconds in order to remind you to move from one quadrant to the next jaw and after 2 minutes, the recommended brushing time has been reached.

Oral-B TriZone charger
Oral-B TriZone 500
As the Oral-B TriZone 500 has been my personal toothbrush for the last couple of weeks I can say that I am very pleased with its performance. It is a bit noisy in its operational mode but it does a great job and my teeth feel really clean. 
Currently you can find the TriZone 500 for £30 in UK but on many markets it is no longer offered and you can only get any of the other models like the TriZone 600, TriZone 700 or the TriZone 2000 which are all in the same price category. Oral-B TriZone 4000/5000/6000 offer more extras and that's my they are a bit more expensive. The color edition that I am using is also a bit hard to find.

Oral-B TriZone 500
Oral-B TriZone 500 packaging

Aquafresh In-Between Clean Medium toothbrush

Samsung UE32H5030 - quality cheap 32 inch Full HD LED TV

Specifications and full review of the affordable 32 inch Full HD LED TV Samsung UE32H5030

Samsung UE-32H5030 review
Samsung UE-32H5030 - 32 inch Full HD LED TV

In today's review I will share my impressions with the cheap 32 inch Full HD 1080p LED TV that I've been using for the last couple of days - Samsung UE32H5030.  And this is not my new TV as I am still with the lovely Sony KDL-32EX650 which has been doing great job for me in the last couple of years.

Samsung UE-32H5030 - design and looks

I can definitely say that the UE-32H5030 scores very high results in the design category. The TV is very compact with simple and yet elegant design, very clean looks and really nothing to complain from. Samsung UE-32H5030 has very thin frame which is not shiny so it doesn't reflect any light and distract you from the main picture. One thing that I didn't like in the build quality is the stand which was not very stable but then I remembered what is the price of the TV itself.

Samsung UE-32H5030 LED
Samsung UE32H5030 LED panel doesn't have any obvious backlight bleeding problems

Picture quality

For a TV that costs under 300 Euros (250 GBP in UK) we should't expect some exceptional picture quality from the UE-32H5030 but it provides very good picture quality in both low resolution and Full HD. I can't say I was surprised with its performance once I turned the TV on as I am always expecting only the best from Samsung TV. Picture processing is good and so are the colors which are usually a bit exaggerated when talking about Samsung LED panel.

NEO LED-3229 is a cheap 32 inch TV made in China


Samsung UE-32H5030 doesn't have any special features and specs like 3D or Smart TV and that is how its price tag remains so low. What you can find useful in this LED TV are couple of HDMI ports, a very well thought joystick for using the TV without remote control and the standard Samsung remote control which is easy to hold and operate with.

Samsung UE-32H5030 TV portsSamsung UE-32H5030 TV remote control


The good Full HD 1080p picture quality and the low price tag are the two main selling points for this TV. As I already mentioned you can easily find this TV for under 300 Euros and I've also seen it in Eastern Europe where the price tag was 250 Euros which is really an amazing deal. But don't think the competition is asleep - LG and Sony now also have great small LED TVs on sale for under $350.

My overall impressions with the Samsung UE-32H5030 are very good and I don't think someone can go wrong with choosing this TV. It is really a great buy for the money and probably one of the best cheap 32-inch LED TVs on the market today.

Samsung UE-32H5030 packaging
Samsung UE-32H5030 is packaged in simple and compact box

Thank you for visiting Test and Review and I hope you found this information useful.

Another successful year for the Test and Review blog

Test and Review in 2015

Our lovely product review blog enters 2015 after many challenges and difficulties but that all is in the past. We are all eager to start hard work in the new year and deliver more quality reviews to our readers.

For 2015 our intention is to cover the same basic categories including consumer electronics (TV, Hi-Fi, digital cameras, etc.), computers, tablets and smartphones and of course some car reviews as well.
As I haven't posted any new reviews recently I would like to give you a short heads-up on what's coming in the next few weeks - we will have consumer test and full review of a very nice and affordable Braun electric toothbrush, interesting Lanaform air-purifying system, new budget 32-inch Samsung TV and some others.

That's all from me for now, stay tuned for more interesting stuff and don't forget to have fun in the cold snowy days this winter.

Samsung UE40H7000 Full HD 3D LED TV - video review

Video review of the premium 40 inch Full HD 3D Smart LED TV Samsung UE40H7000

Samsung UE40H7000 is one of the popular premium LED TVs these days but it is also quite expensive, especially when compared to other 40 inch Full HD LED TV from top brands. Here is a quick video review presenting some of the main features of Samsung's H7000 series:

New Samsung LED TVs for 2014

Samsung UE40H6200 40 inch Full HD Smart LED TV

Samsung UE40H6200 40 inch Full HD Smart LED TV review

Samsung UE40H6200 is yet another LED TV that we particularly like and that is why today we will pay some more attention to it. We can easily say that the UE40H6200 is the cheaper version of Samsung UE40H6400 which comes with fancy smart remote control, better refresh rate and 2 pairs of 3D glasses. Other than that they are both offering rich colors, great picture quality and high performance thanks to the quad-core processing technology.

Here is an interesting video where you can learn more about this 40 inch Full HD Smart LED TV:

As for the price, we can say that the Samsung UE40H6200 is quite affordable especially if you consider all it has to offer. You can easily find this TV for around $500 in North America and around 400 Euros in European markets.

LG 32LB5610 - the best cheap 32 inch Full HD LED TV

Quick review of the affordable 32 inch Full HD LED TV LG 32LB5610

LG 32LB5610 LED TV
LG 32LB5610 - the best cheap 32 inch  Full HD LED TV

Christmas in coming and I know a lot of you will rush into searching for the best presents. Many families will probably buy a new LED TV as a family Christmas present and that is why we will pay some more attention on the best online TV deals that you can find these days. 
Today we stopped our attention at one of the most affordable 32-inch Full HD LED TVs on the market - the LG 32LB5610 which main features and specifications we will discuss in while.

The LG 32LB5610 is one of the best sellers in its segment as it offers very good picture quality with resolution of 1920 x 1080 but that is not all that is impressive here. It is the fact that one can buy the 32LB5610 for under 250 Euros which makes it a really good deal.
The TV itself doesn't leave the feeling of a cheap product, it looks very nice, it is thin, compact and has very small frame which leaves the impression for a much higher end product. LG 32LB5610 is mostly sold in Eastern Europe and Asia (especially India - on the official LG  India page they claim it is 'Designed for India') but you can also find it in some other parts of the world. 
In this TV LG has also implemented their Triple XD Engine, Dynamic Color Enhancer and Picture Wizard III which should ensure you get very good picture quality at any time.

Unfortunately we still haven't got the chance to test the TV so here is a quick unboxing video of the LG 32LB5610:

That is all that we have right now for the LG 32LB5610. You can find more information about its full features and specifications and the official LG site.

Samsung UE40H6400 Full HD Smart LED TV review

Price, specifications and quick video review of the 40 inch Full HD 3D Smart LED TV Samsung UE40H6400

Today we are taking a look at one of the best sellers in the 40 inch Full HD Smart LED TV segment. Samsung UE40H6400 combines great picture quality and excellent set of features including Smart TV, active 3D technology and excellent sound quality as well.
If you are in the search for a good mid-range big screen TV for less than 500 Euros then it will be very hard to find a better offer than the Samsung UE40H6400.  I am not going to discuss all the specifications of this LED panel as you can easily check these online but I am just going to mention the main things that should be considered when comparing the UE40H6400 with another TV - quad-core processing, Full HD 1080p, active 3D with 2 pairs of 3D glasses included, Smart TV with smart touch remote, 400 Hz CMR.  As you can see this Samsung TV has plenty to offer and if you want to learn all about its product specifications you can check the official Samsung UE40H6400 page.

And here is a quick unboxing video and review of the Samsung UE40H6400:

And if you don't need any Smart TV features or 3D then you can check the cheaper 40-inch LED TV Samsung UE40H5000.

New Samsung LED TVs for 2014
Best HD and Full HD LED TV for 2014

Samsung UE40H5000 40 inch Full HD LED TV

Samsung UE40H5000 40 inch Full HD LED TV price and specifications

Samsung UE40H5000 40 inch Full HD LED TV

Today we are discussing one of the budget friendly big screen TVs and more specifically the Samsung UE40H5000 40 inch Full HD LED TV. It has a nice, clean and elegant design with the thin frame and stand decided almost entirely in black.
This TV is relatively new on the market and we still haven't got the chance to test it but once we do I will make sure to share the information with you.
Basically the UE40H5000 is a 40 inch Full HD LED TV that doesn't offer 3D technology nor Smart TV capabilities but on the other hand comes with a quite appealing price tag of around 400 Euros or $500. In UK the UE40H5000 is offered around £300.
And here are the main specifications of the Samsung UE40H5000:

3D Ready
Accessories Included
Remote control
Audio Quality  
DTS Studio Sound, DTS Premium Sound 5.1, Dolby MS10, 3D Sound
Digital tuner  
Freeview HD
H57.8 x W90.8 x D19.6cm
Energy Rating
5 years
Hard drive 
External USB playback
Internet Ready  
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
Model name / number
NFC enabled  
Number of tuners
1 (Freeview HD)
2x HDMI, 1x SCART, 1x USB 2.0
Power Consumption - Annual
66 kWh/year
Power Consumption - On Mode  
Power Consumption - Stand By
Recording Capacity (hours)
Refresh Rate  
Screen Resolution 
1920 x 1080 pixels
Screen size 
Speaker output  
Table Top Stand
Timer Facility
TV Screen Type 
Viewing angle (horizontal / vertical) 
178 degrees
Visible Screen Size (measured diagonally)

As you can see the UE40H5000 doesn't offer any high-end technology and features on board but it has the most important spec for a TV - very good picture quality in 1080p resolution and that is why we strongly recommend it to those who want a big screen TV but don't want to spend a pile of cash.

Disappointing battery life from Dell Latitude E7240 ultrabook

Dell Latitude E7240 scored very low in the battery life performance tests after couple of months of use

After several months with the high-end ultrabook Dell Latitude E7240 I have to admit that I am not really impressed with its battery life performance figures.

Battery tested

Before I focused my attention and buy the Latitude E7240 I was looking for a laptop that is going to last for a full day of work and it is going to be a real competition of ultrabooks like the MacBook Air which holds charge for abut 10 hours of moderate use. Unfortunately Dell Latitude E7240 didn't come anywhere near these figures. On average load its battery will make it for around 4-5 hours which is a good result for a Windows computer but very far from the best performers in this class. And just to remind you that the Latitude E7240 is offered with two battery options and my laptop in particular was with the bigger 45 WHr 4-cell lithium ion battery
Under full load using WiFi and multimedia the E7240 will make it for around 2 hours before the battery is totally drained. And if you turn WiFi and set the display brightness to a minimum and use the laptop for some text editing or other simple tasks than it is very possible that the battery will make it for as long as 5 hours.

Of course the battery life depends on many things but as I mentioned already these figures are cumulative score of what the E7240 showed in couple of months under different circumstances and load. Some additional factors like OS version and BIOS drivers and settings for fan can also affect the battery figures significantly so make sure your Dell Latitude E7240 is tuned properly.

Dell Latitude E7240 touchpad test
Dell Latitude E7240 keyboard test

HP Pavilion X360 11-n010dx - a real competition for the Lenovo Yoga 11?

Quick video review of the 11.6" laptop with touchscreen HP Pavilion X360 11-n010dx

If I have to be honest I no longer like HP laptops since I had to return my brand new HP Envy X2 after just two days of using it. I think this manufacturer used to make some of the best high-end laptops but they completely failed in their attempts to make a good hybrid computers. Today we are taking a closer look at one of their latest releases in the ultra-portable laptop market - the Pavilion X360 11-n010dx.

As I previously shared with you I was very happy using my HP EliteBook 6930p for about 5 years and it is still going pretty strong. But I needed a more compact device with stronger battery life that would last for a good day on the go. Then I tried with the Enxy X2 which looked awesome and had this great built quality and uni-body  design very similar to the MacBook Air. Unfortunately here is where all the good things ended up - the detachable screen was way to uncomfortable to use as a tablet and the performance of the ultra low voltage Intel processor combined with 2GB of RAM was just terrible. That is the reason why I had to return this hybrid ultrabook/laptop and got something a bit more expensive but I am really please with my new Dell Latitude E7240 which unfortunately also had some driver issues (just like any other ultrabook offered on the market today).

But enough said about my previous experience with HP and Dell. Now lets talk about a bit more about the HP Pavilion X360 which just like the Envy X2 has a very good built quality but here we don't have the detachable screen which in my mind is a good thing. This 11.6 inch laptop is very light and compact and also has pretty good specifications for daily use. Here is a quick video review of the HP Pavilion X360 11-n010dx so you can learn about its specs and performance figures:

HP Pavilion X360 11-n010dx video review

I  hope you liked our HP Pavilion X360 11-n010dx review and if you want to explore some more interesting laptops please check the rest of our laptop reviews.

Best HD and Full HD LED TVs for 2014

Short list with the best HD and Full HD LED TVs for 2014 - sizes, prices, specifications and performance

Today at our consumer blog will be taking a closer look at some of the best performing HD and Full HD LED TVs for 2014, we will discuss prices, specs and consumer opinions for TV sets of different sizes and price ranges.

We start our list with one of the best value for money deals for a big screen TV these days - the 48-inch
 Sony KDL-48W600B TVSony KDL-48W600B.

Sony KDL-55W800B reviewSony KDL-55W800B

Samsung UN55F6300AF LED TVSamsung UN55F6300AF

Sony KDL-40W600B TVSony KDL-40W600B

LG 47LA640V 47-inch 3D Smart LED TVLG 47LA640V

Sony KDL-32R421 HD LED TVSony KDL-32R421

Do you like the all new iPhone 6 - poll results

Poll results from our recent survey "Do you like the all new iPhone 6"

It seems like the marketing blurb called iPhone will continue for some more time. Most people would say that they are not interested in the extremely expensive iPhone but they would still buy it.
So, as a short recap of what our readers voted about - 50% said that they don't like the all new iPhone 6, 42% say that they are totally not interested and only 7% seem to like the new Apple smartphone and are probably ready to buy it. 

I will leave the comments on these results to you.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
3 very big reasons not to buy iPhone 6

Driver and BIOS issues with Dell Latitude E7240

Driver and BIOS issues and problems with Dell Latitude E7240 - fan noise and heat

Dell Latitude E7240 issues

I have been using the 12.5-inch Dell Latitude E7240 ultrabook for more than a month now and I wanted to share few things that I think owners and future owners of this computer may find interesting.

The issues

The things that I want to cover today are related to fan noise and overheating of the laptop and what is it related to. You probably know that most ultrabooks have issues with overheating and that is why many people now prefer the ultra low voltage (ULV) equipped laptop and hybrid devices as they generate less heat and are much less intense on battery consumption even though ULV processors sacrifice on performance a little bit (well not a little but latest quad-core Intel Atom processors do just fine with most everyday computing tasks).

The issue that I recently noticed with my Latitude E7240 was caused by drivers recommended by Dell for this particular model. After re-installing OS couple of times (tried with Windows 8.1 and Windows 7) I was stuck with 32-bit Windows 7 Professional which unfortunately could only read 4GB of my preinstalled 8GB of RAM. I decided that I will use the laptop this way for a while and started downloading and installing all drivers and updates recommended for the Latitude E7240 on Dell's support page and on My Dell.

After updating everything, including BIOS, sound and graphics drivers, networking drivers the machine was running pretty smooth. Unfortunately very soon I noticed something wrong - the laptop was often overheating and fan was running on maximum power even when processor load was less than 50%. Of course the first thing I did is to remove some of the 'useful' drivers that I had on my ultrabook - removed the HD premium sound, the Intel WiFi pro interface and couple more and magically my laptop was running much more cool and quiet.

 Of course there was a noticeable difference in sound quality and other performance figures and features but I am using this laptop mostly for work so these were not as important. 

Soon I am going to switch to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and will update you on how the Latitude E7240 behaving under any of these operating systems. I have some worries about installing Windows 8.1 as many Latitude owners reported fan noise and heating problems due to mismatched controller settings but I will probably will give it a try and see how it will go. 

Sony KDL-48W600B 48-inch Full HD LED TV specifications

Full specifications of the 48-inch Full HD LED TV Sony KDL-48W600B

Sony KDL-48W600B LED TV
Sony KDL-48W600B
·   Audio
·        Audio Power Output : 8W + 8W
·        Speaker Configuration : 2ch, Full Range (30 x 80 mm) x 2
·        Speaker Position : Down Firing
·        Audio Features
·        Sony Original Surround : S-Force Front Surround
·        Headphone/Speaker Link : Yes
·        Alternate Audio (Digital) : Yes
·        Clear Phase Speaker : Yes
·        Signal-to-Sound Architecture : Yes
·        Digital Out Format : Dolby Digital, PCM
·        Auto Mute (on no signal) : Yes
·        Reflector : Yes
·        Sound Mode : Standard; Cinema; Sports; Music; Game; Compressed Audio
·        S-Master : Yes
·        Advanced Auto Volume : Yes
·        Sound Booster : Yes
·        Stereo System : MTS (AUTO SAP)
·        Audio Out : Fixed / Variable
·        Dolby® : Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse
·        5.1 Channel Audio Out : Yes
·        Convenience Features
·        Picture Adjustments Lock : Yes
·        On-Screen Operating Instructions : Yes
·        On/Off Timer : Yes
·        Auto Shut-off : Yes
·        On-Screen Display for External Input : Yes
·        Info Banner : Yes
·        Parental Control : Yes
·        Channel Block (with password) : Analog & Digital
·        Auto Photo Mode : Yes
·        BRAVIA® Sync™ : Yes
·        Picture Frame Mode : Yes
·        Twin Picture : PAP (Variable)
·        USB Play (Contents) : MPEG1 / MPEG2PS / MPEG2TS / AVCHD / MP4Part10 / MP4Part2 / AVI(XVID) / AVI(MotionJpeg) / MOV / WMV / MKV / WEBM / 3GPP / MP3 / WMA / WAV / JPEG / MPO / RAW(ARW)
·        Scene Select : Photo; Music; Cinema; Game; Graphics; Sports; Animation
·        Show/Hide Channels : Yes
·        Panorama : Yes
·        Skin Naturalizer : Yes
·        USB Super Multi-Format Play : Yes
·        Label Inputs : Yes
·        USB Play : Yes (USB viewer supports FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS file systems.)
·        Channel Jump : Yes
·        On-Screen Clock : Yes
·        Edit Channel Labels : Yes
·        Channel Surf : Yes
·        Multiple Language Display : English; Spanish; French
·        Sleep Timer : Yes
·        Input Skip : Auto
·        Design Features
·        Stand Design : AL Shaft Silver
·        Display
·        Screen Size (measured diagonally) : 48"(47.6")
·        Display Resolution : Full HD
·        Viewing Angle (Up/Down) : 178(89/89) degree
·        Aspect Ratio : 16:9
·        Screen Size (cm) : 120.9 cm
·        Dynamic Contrast Ratio : Over 1 million
·        Viewing Angle (Right/Left) : 178(89/89) degree
·        Display Features
·        Backlight Type : LED
·        Display Device : LCD
·        Dimming Type : Frame Dimming
·        Energy Saving & Efficiency
·        Power Saving Modes : Yes
·        Energy Star® compliant : Yes, V5.3 & V6
·        Dynamic Backlight Control : Yes
·        Power Consumption (On Mode) for Energy Star : 39.8W
·        Power Consumption (Standby Mode) for Energy Star : 0.21W
·        Backlight Off Mode : Yes
·        General
·        Hotel Mode Menu : Yes
·        Closed Captions (CC) : Analog; Digital
·        Demo Mode : Yes
·        HDMI™ InstaPort : Yes
·        Finish (Surface Color) : Black
·        Start Up Sony Logo Display : Yes
·        Audio Return Channel : Yes
·        Inputs and Outputs (Interfaces)
·        Subwoofer Out : 1 (Side / Hybrid w/ HP and Audio Out)
·        Analog Audio Input(s) (Total) : 2 (Rear)
·        Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Input(s) : 1 (Rear / Hybrid)
·        Audio Out : 1 (Side / Hybrid w/ HP)
·        USB 2.0 : 2 (Side)
·        Composite Video Input(s) : 2 (1 Rear / 1 Rear Hybrid w/ Component)
·        AC Power Input : AC Adapter
·        HDMI™ Connection(s) (Total) : 4 (1 Side / 3 Bottom)
·        Headphone Output(s) : 1 (Side / Hybrid w/ Audio Out)
·        Ethernet Connection(s) : 1 (Rear)
·        MHL : Yes
·        RF Connection Input(s) : 1 (Bottom)
·        HDMI PC Input Format : 640x480@60Hz; 800x600@60Hz; 1280x768@60Hz-R; 1280x768@60Hz; 1360x768@60Hz; 1024x768@60Hz; 1280x1024@60Hz; 1920x1080@60Hz
·        Digital Audio Output(s) : 1 (Rear)
·        HDMI™ PC Input : Yes
·        Dimensions
·        TV with Stand (W x H x D) : 42 7/8 x 26 5/8 x 7 1/4 in (1086 x 675 x 181 mm)
·        TV only (W x H x D) : 42 7/8 x 25 1/2 x 3 5/8(2) in (1086 x 646 x 90.5 mm)
·        Package Carton (W x H x D) : 54 5/8 x 29 3/8 x 5 3/8 in (1385 x 743 x 135 mm)
·        Network (connectivity)
·        Wi-Fi Standard : a/b/g/n
·        Wi-Fi Frequency : 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz (for Wi-Fi Direct / Screen mirroring: 2.4Ghz Only)
·        Wi-Fi Direct : Yes
·        Skype™ : Ready
·        Guide and Search : Yes
·        TV Tweet : Yes
·        TV SideView™ : Yes
·        Screen mirroring : Yes
·        Related Search : Yes
·        Search : Yes
·        One-Flick entertainment : Yes
·        Social Viewing : Yes (Tweet only)
·        X2 Widget (System) : Yes
·        Photo Share : Yes
·        Net AD : Yes (depends on ad provider)
·        Seamless Streaming : Yes
·        DLNA Content : MPEG1 / MPEG2PS / MPEG2TS / AVCHD / MP4Part10 / MP4Part2 / AVI(XVID) / AVI(MotionJpeg) / MOV / WMV / MKV / WEBM / 3GPP / MP3 / WMA / LPCM / JPEG / MPO
·        Sony Entertainment Network : Yes
·        Wireless LAN : Integrated
·        Opera Apps (System) : Yes
·        Wi-Fi Certified : Yes
·        Internet Browser : Yes (Opera)
·        Power
·        Power Consumption (in Standby) : 120V : 0.4W / 240V : 0.5W
·        Power Requirements (voltage) : DC 19.5V
·        Power Consumption (in Operation) max. : 75W
·        Regulation and Standards Compliance
·        VESA® Hole Spacing Compatible : Yes
·        Service and Warranty Information
·        Limited Warranty Term : 12 months
·        TV System
·        TV System (Analog) : M
·        Number of Tuners (Terrestrial/Cable) : 1 (Digital / Analog)
·        Channel Coverage (Analog) : VHF: 2-13 / UHF: 14-69 / CATV: 1-135
·        Channel Coverage (Digital Terrestrial) : VHF: 2-13 / UHF: 14-69
·        TV System (Digital Terrestrial) : ATSC
·        TV System (Digital Cable) : Clear QAM
·        Channel Coverage (Digital Cable) : CATV: 1-135
·        Color System : NTSC
·        Video
·        Video Signal : 1080/24p (HDMI only); 1080/60i; 1080/60p (HDMI / Component); 480/60i; 480/60p; 720/60p; 1080/30p (HDMI only); 720/30p (HDMI only); 720/24p (HDMI only)
·        Video Features
·        3D Comb Filter : Yes
·        MPEG Noise Reduction : Yes
·        Blinking Type : Frame Blinking
·        Intelligent Picture Optimizer : Yes
·        Wide Mode : Full; Normal; Wide Zoom; Zoom; Caption; Normal / Full1 / Full2 for PC
·        4:3 Default : Yes
·        PhotoTV HD : Yes
·        Picture Mode : Vivid; Standard; Custom; Photo-Vivid; Photo-Standard; Photo-Original; Photo-Custom; Cinema1; Cinema2; Game-Standard; Game-Original; Graphics; Sports; Animation
·        24p True Cinema™ Technology : Yes
·        Auto Wide : Yes
·        CineMotion® Reverse 3:2 Pulldown Technology : Yes
·        Video Processing : X-Reality PRO
·        Live Color™ Technology : Yes
·        Deep Color : Yes
·        Portable Game Mode : Fine Full; Fine Normal; Portable Game1; Portable Game2
·        Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) : Yes
·        Motionflow™ Technology : Motionflow XR 240
·        LED Motion Mode : Yes
·        Face Area Detection : Yes
·        Super-resolution for Game Mode : Yes
·        Intelligent MPEG Noise Reduction : Yes
·        Weight
·        TV with Stand : 22.7 lbs (10.3 kg)
·        TV only : 21.9 lbs (9.9 kg)
·        Gross (Package Carton) : 33.1 lbs (15.0 kg)

Sony KDL-48W600B Full HD Smart LED TV review