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Samsung ST68 compact digital camera

Samsung ST68 compact digital camera features, specifications and my camera review

Samsung ST68 review
Samsung ST68 compact digital camera

It is amazing how much better compact digital cameras became in last few years and how cheap they are these days.

Samsung is one of the brands that really improved the quality of its compact digital cameras and kept the low price. One typical example which is result for thus good practice is the Samsung ST68 which is a very capable 16MP compact digital camera.

I remember when few years ago Samsung cameras were some of the worst products I have ever tested. Most of their compact digital cameras were struggling with both focus and stabilization, which are key features of compact shooters.  But that all changed and these days Samsung offers some of the best selling digital cameras in the segment. Some of the clear examples that I can think of are the Samsung WB720Samsung ST77 or the ultra-compact Samsung ST45.

Samsung ST68 is definitely a cheap comapct digital camera but it offers some very good features for its price - it has 5x optical zoom, HD 720p video recording at 30fps and bright 2.7-inch LCD display. And the great thing about all this is the fact that the ST68 comes at the price of around $85 (around £60 in UK).

Here is a short video review and unboxing video of the Samsung ST68 camera:

Samsung ST68 unboxing and video review

Hopefully you liked my short review of the Samsung ST68 compact digital camera.

Please let me know what you think about it and which is your favorite digital camera. Thank you!