Which mobile device do you prefer on the go - smartphone, tablet or ultrabook

Which is the most preferable mobile device - smartphone, tablet or ultrabook 

best device on the go
Best mobile device on the go - poll results
Our survey for the best or shall I say most preferable mobile computing device on the go finished couple of days ago. Our readers are pretty confident for what they like to use to work and communicate when they are not on the desk. 
Not surprisingly the winner in our poll is the smartphone. Nowadays smartphones get the best of both worlds - mobility and performance. The runner up in this poll as you can guess is the tablet whose popularity is growing every month and is getting closer and closer to smartphones market share.
The third place is taken by the ultrabook which is also a very good way for having mobile computing the right way but the bigger size and price make for the last position in this survey. 
Anyways all these competitors are with increasing popularity and it seems that these are going to be our primary tools for communication in the near future. 
Of course new technologies and tech development will help manufacturers to produce more compact and better performing mobile computing devices and it is only a matter of time to see what these would be. 
Until then you are more than welcome to check our product tests and reviews

Whip up Fine Collages with CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac

CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac - photo collage app

CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac is a photo collage app that helps you turn your ordinary digital pictures and text into personalized works of art. It is designed for the amateur and avid collage-making people alike. Simply create a professional-looking photo collage with a few clicks of your mouse and share them with your friends or hanging them on the wall.

There are more than 45+ all-new templates built in the CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac and all the templates are integrated with all the app new features. People can know what exactly the app can do from the templates. All these renovated templates are specifically arranged in four collage styles – Mosaic, Grid, Center and Pile.

Once you start your work. Choose one of the dozen templates included in the program. Then, add your favorite photos in the collage or use Random Layout to organize them automatically. Once the basic structure of your collage is finished, you can make it more individual by applying some photo effects or adding some text captions. All the effect results are displayed on the program’s interface in real time.

This program is much very simple and easy to use, but it does not mean it will confine your creations. The advanced users will never find its limit with the Free Mode functionality. They are free to move, resize and rotate each photo. Simply drag and place the elements however they want. People are also able to adjust the layers to meet their needs. It’s very flexible in personalizing a collage manually.

Using advanced features such as photo effect and text effect, you will achieve dazzling results. CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac provides people with 20+ photo effects to change photo hues as a whole. The flexible settings of the text features allow you to type in bold or italic, use various colors, rotate text and change the background, text effect or size of your words.

CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac is also very responsive for sharing your collages, completely re-expressing your ideas, regardless of your experience with photo editing. You can freely share your collage on Facebook; save collage as picture/PDF; set as desktop image; or send collage via E-Mail.

You can also take a look at the Picture Collage Maker 1.4.0 collage editor for iOS.

Finlux 32H7072-DT 32-inch 3D HD LED TV

Price, specifications and quick review of the 32-inch 3D HD LED TV Finlux 32H7072-DT

Finlux 32H7072-DT review
Finlux 32H7072-DT
I was kind of surprised when some time ago Finlux (managed under the Vestel brand and manufacturing) refused to send us a sample TV for review. It looked like they have some issues with shipping outside mainland UK and that's why we never got our hands on any of their new models. That is one of the main reasons we gave up on discussing and reviewing Finlux products (mostly TVs).

Today we are going to make a small exception and take a closer look at one of their budget 3D TVs.

Cube U25GT 7-inch Cortex A9 Android tablet review

Price, specifications and review of the 7-inch Google Android 4.2 tablet Cube U25GT with dual-core Cortex A9 processor

Cube U25GT is one of the cheapest dual-core Android 4.2 tablets on the market today with its price tag of just £60.

We are going to take a look at one of the cheapest modifications of the U25GT tablet with only 512MB of RAM. There are few other different versions of this tablet with more RAM and few other small differences.

Acer T232HL bmidz 23-inch Full HD LED monitor review

Acer T232HL bmidz 23-inch Full HD LED monitor price, specifications and review

Acer T232HL bmidz review
Acer T232HL bmidz
Acer T232HL bmidz review - in today's tech review we are taking a look at one very interesting and futuristic looking 23-inch LED monitors. Acer T232HL is a Full HD monitor with 58.4 cm diagonal and maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
Probably the most exciting part in this monitor specs is the fact that this is actually IPS touchscreen panel with 10-point touch capability.
The 100,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio is also part of the good qualities of the Acer T232HL bmidz.

Here is quick unboxing and video review of the Acer T232HL monitor:

Unfortunately the price of the Acer T232HL bmidz is still quite high offered for around $530.
And in case this is too expensive for you I would recommend you to check the rest of our monitor reviews

Sony KDL-60R550A 60-inch 3D Smart LED TV

Sony KDL-60R550A 60-inch 3D Smart LED TV price, specifications and review

Sony KDL-60R550A review
Sony KDL-60R550A 60-inch 3D Smart LED TV

Sony KDL-60R550A is one of the best selling 60-inch Full HD 3D Smart LED TVs on the American market and that is why we decided to explain its main features and specifications in this quick review. 

Considering that this is an enormous TV with great specs its price of around $1500 is pretty reasonable and puts the competition from LG and Samsung in a tough position where they need to compete with extremely capable big-screen TV with very good price tag.

Looks - Sony KDL-60R550A is looking quite elegant and will suit most tastes. It is both simple and yet modern which is a rare among modern electronics as many manufacturers are using shiny plastics and awkward shapes for their new products. The KDL-60R550A is also extremely thin which makes it fit perfectly into tight spaces. The panel itself has very small (thin) frame which also contributes for the overall good impressions with the design and looks of this TV.

Main features and specs - Sony KDL-60R550A is a Full HD 1080p 3D EDGE LED TV with maximum resolution of 1920x1080. It uses passive 3D technology and the manufacturer provides 4 pairs of passive 3D glasses in the package.

Sony KDL-60R550A is also a Smart TV with wide variety of TV functions. Connecting to the internet is quite easy with the built-in WiFi connection and WiFi Direct function for faster and effortless connection process.

But the Sony KDL-60R550A has many other connection options as well - 4x HDMI, RF In, MHL, Ethernet, Component (Y/Pb/Pr) and Composite inputs, 2x USB ports, Analogue audio, Digital audio and 3.5mm headphone jack are all available here.
The audio performance is also on a very good level. The Sony KDL-60R550A has two full-range 10W speakers with 5.1-channel and Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Pulse support.

As a conclusion I would say the Sony KDL-60R550A is a great TV for the money and I strongly recommend it to those searching for a big screen TV with plenty of features for a relatively affordable price.

If you think 60-inches are just a bit too much for you to handle than you might want to check our list of best 42-inch Full HD LED TVs.

Samsung ATIV Book 8 NP880Z5E-X01UB touchscreen laptop review

Price, specifications and review of the 15.6-inch Windows 8 touchscreen laptop Samsung ATIV Book 8 NP880Z5E-X01UB

Samsung ATIV Book 8
Samsung ATIV Book 8 NP880Z5E-X01UB

Samsung ATIV Book 8 NP880Z5E-X01UB review - today at our consumer blog we are going to take a look at one of the latest 15.6-inch Windows 8 laptops from Samsung. The ATIV Book 8 NP880Z5E-X01UB impresses with great build quality, fast processing and improved functionality with the Windows 8 OS thanks to the 15.6-inch touch screen display.

Sony KDL-55W802A 3D LED Internet TV price, specs and review

Price, review and specifications of the 55-inch Full HD 3D LED TV Sony KDL-55W802A

Sony KDL-55W802A review
Sony KDL-55W802A 3D LED Internet TV

Sony KDL-55W802A review - currently the KDL-55W802A is one of the most popular big screen LED TVs in Sony's model line. The main reason for that is the exceptionally good picture quality this TV offers and the complete package of extras that it comes with - Full HD 1080p, 3D, Internet Smart TV, Dynamic Edge LED and built-in WiFi.

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