Philips Multigroom MG5720 - long term review

Philips Multigroom MG5720 consumer opinion and feedback after 6 months

long term review

Philips Multigroom MG5720

I have been using the Philips Multigroom MG5720 / Series 5000 / hair clipper and trimmer for almost six months so it is time for the long term review.

From the very beginning I will be honest with you - that will be a positive review, since I am pretty much satisfied with the overall performance of the Multigroom MG5720. Of course there are some cons as well and will discuss them too.

It was since I bought this clipper and made my first Philips Multigroom series 5000 MG5720 review that I new I will be using it for quite some time... and I was right.

First weeks with the Philips Multigroom MG5720 
I have been using couple of different Philips trimmers in the past few years and most of them did a pretty good job. One remained as new since it was bought for the need of power cable (my cat literally destroyed the original one).

The one that I used most was the Philips QC5370/15 hair clipper Plus which I still keep for back up. I decided to leave it for secondary just because it battery failed to do its job and the trimmer worked only on cable power. Anyways, it served me well for couple of years so it was money well spent.
Philips Multigroom MG5720
Philips Multigroom MG5720 accessories
So, the first weeks I started using the Philips Multigroom MG5720 I felt like I was making an upgrade for what I had previously used. There are couple main areas where this trimmer was an improvement over my previous clippers:
  • Improved ergonomics - very easy to handle
  • Improved efficiency and battery life
  • Quieter
  • Smoother and more gentle on the skin

These were my very first impressions after using the MG5720 and as I said previously it was mostly positive.

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If I have to pick a downside, that would probably be the fact that the cutting area covers less compared to older models. That for some might be considered as an advantage though, since it gives it more flexibility for better positioning.

Long term issues
Honestly, I didn't experience any issues using the MG5720 so far and I hope it will stay that way for quite some time.

I just wish its power cable was a bit longer (I think the QC5370/15 has power cable 3-times longer) and also be compatible with other Philips trimmers. Right now for me it is impossible to use the new charger with any of my previous trimmers like the QC5370/15 and the Philips HC5450/83.

Battery life
Battery life is good and I almost never run out of battery while using it. Charging time I believe is also pretty good - full charge for less than couple of hours.

Cleaning the Multigroom MG5720
Cleaning this trimmer is pretty easy. Just rinse some water (unplugged) to wash out the hairs which remained inside the cutters and let it dry for some minutes. I had no issues cleaning the trimmer so far.

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During the 6-month test period I used just one of the add-ons so I can't comment on the quality of the rest. The look pretty much solid though.

Well, this was my honest consumer feedback about the Philips Multigroom MG5720 hair-clipper and trimmer. I hope the information was useful.

Please note that this is not a promoted (paid) article and it is genuine consumer opinion.
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