Tedan PH 200 2000W convection panel heater

Tedan PH 200 and PH T 200 convection panel heater consumer test and product review

Tedan PH 200 2000W convection panel heater
I tested the Tedan PH 200 2000W convection panel heater
The winter is coming and it is time to think about heating options. Today I review one of the very good deals I came upon last week - a panel convection heater with 2000W of power and nice British design, the Tedan PH 200 and Tedan PH T 200 (in some countries known as Tedan PH 2000).

  • Brand: Tedan
  • Model: PH 200 / PH T 200
  • Power: 2000W
  • Color: White
  • Position: wall mountable or free standing with additional legs
  • Price: 100 Euro
  • Warranty: 9 years

Consumer opinion
I haven't tested any products by the Spanish manufacturer Tedan but have heard mixed opinions so far. I have the feeling that the extended warranty they give is part of a marketing strategy to clear any doubts in the brand's quality status.

In particular the Tedan PH 200 looks solidly build and sturdy. Its switches for adjusting the power level and the thermostat feel well made and durable.
Tedan PH 200 heater box
Tedan PH 200 box
Tedan PH 200 heater controls

Tedan PH 200 has two power levels - it can work on 1000W or 2000W. The more advanced PH T 200 has an additional timer that can be preset for intelligent automation of the heating process but it will cost you an additional 10 Euros.
Tedan PH 200Tedan PH 200

I tested the Rowenta Atlas Silence 2400W heater

I tested the Tedan PH 200 on both 1000W and 2000W modes and it performed pretty good in both. Of course just like any other convection panel heater there will be some time before the room walls get warm enough to give you that comforting feeling of having the right temperature across the whole room. It doesn't have forced fan distribution like some other cheap alternatives, it relies on convection only.
Tedan PH 200 2000W tested and approved
I believe that for the price of 100 Euros the Tedan PH 200 2000W convection panel heater would suit most people needs for a mid-sized room. I am not sure if this winter will be very cold or not but it would be nice to have one of these on stand by.

You can buy the Tedan PH 200 2000W convection panel heater in tech stores and online. I hope you found my review and the information provided useful.

Please let me know which is the next product you want me to test in the next couple of weeks, I will do my best to give you the most relevant info about it.

Since there are so many fake reviews these days I rely very much on your opinion as well, so feel free to rate and comment the products I test, that will ensure even more the quality of my reviews.
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