What makes the Dell Latitude E7240 the ultimate ultrabook?

Why I think the Dell Latitude E7240 is the ultimate business ultrabook - my consumer opinion

Dell Latitude E7240 ultrabook
Is it really the ultimate ultrabook?

I've been using the Dell Latitude E7240 as personal work computer for over a year now and meanwhile testing some of the newest ultrabook laptops released on the market. And even though the E7240 is not perfect I can confidently say that is among the top 3 ultra portable laptops ever sold.

What makes it so much better than the competition?

A quick comparison between the Latitude E7240  and the 2013 MacBook Air I've been using for a while reveals one of the biggest advantages of the Dell when speaking about work laptops - the keyboard. And even though so many users rate MacBook's keyboard as one of the best on the market (I totally don't agree with that statement) I can say the keyboard of the  E7240 is in a league of its own - it is comfortable to use, precise and feels as stable as my desktop keyboard does.
The touchpad also works flawlessly and is really quite accurate.

Another thing that always impresses me is the performance the E7240 delivers. I am using the 8GB Core i5 version with 256GB SSD which is very close to the top of the range Core i7 and it is easily manage my daily tasks, including some image editing, online streaming and video playback.

If I have to be completely honest, the Latitude E7240 is not the very best in every aspects - it is not the cheapest, neither the smallest, nor it has the longest battery life . But the overall package and doing everything above the average makes it one really successful business computing machine and I totally like it. If it doesn't fail in any way I would be happy to use the Latitude E7240  as my primary work computer many years ahead.

I still think the Dell Latitude E7240 is the ultimate ultrabook in the past 5 years.