Best 3 products by Tefal I am using

I am using plenty of Tefal's products - here is my list with the top 3 of them

my Tefal products
Tefal is one of the strongest brands when discussing kitchen tech and appliances

Tefal is popular worldwide and literally millions of consumers are using their products every day. I am actually one of them, using at least 5 of their products in my household (electrical appliances, pans, etc.). Today I decided to share my list with the top 3 Tefal products I am using.

Samsung UE43MU6172U 4k LED TV

Quick overview of the 43 inch 4k Ultra HD LED TV Samsung UE43MU6172U

Samsung UE43MU6172U TV
Samsung UE43MU6172U TV
Couple of weeks I noticed an interesting offer for a 43 inch 4k Ultra HD LED TV - the Samsung UE43MU6172U. This is a mid-range panel from the Korean manufacturer, with nice design and affordable price tag.

  • UHD Resolution
  • PurColor
  • HDR
  • UHD Dimming
  • Smart View
  • WiFi
  • Smart TV
  • Sound: 2 x 10W stereo speakers

TEFAL Uno M - real world consumer test

The first meals cooked with our new deep fryer - the TEFAL Uno M FF1231 tested for the first time

TEFAL Uno M test
TEFAL Uno M before its first mission : )

As I shared with you last week we decided to get a deep fryer after giving it a long thought on the topic we stopped our attention on the budget TEFAL Uno M. It is a very simple and easy to operate fryer that costed us less than $60 (a pretty good deal I think). This product is also known as Tefal Uno M FF123130 and is one of the best selling deep fryers in Europe.

Main advantages of the TEFAL Uno M fryer:
  • Cheap
  • Good looking 
  • Good build quality - made to last
  • Premium brand - Tefal
  • Cooks up to 1 kg of food 

Why I ordered the TEFAL Uno M for our new deep fryer?

First meal prepared with the TEFAL Uno M
Probably you are wondering what is the very first thing I decided to cook in the Uno M. Actually, it was couple of things - first I tried with some zucchini which turned out pretty good and then I we made some french fries, a must for each deep fryer. Both were pretty delicious and I have no major complaints with the Tefal Uno M.

How to clean microwave in 3 easy steps

Cleaning your microwave is not hard, especially if you have the right approach

microwave clean
clean microwave in 3 easy steps and less than 3 minutes

I am really surprised that many consumers find it hard to clean their microwave ovens. I get the part that kitchen appliances could be a big hassle sometimes with tasks like cleaning the deep-fryer after couple of months of use. But cleaning microwave could be easy, especially if you have the correct approach to this not so difficult household task.

LG 32LJ500V Full HD LED TV - specs and price info

List of features, specifications and price information about the compact 32 inch Full HD LED TV LG 32LJ500V

LG 32LJ500V TV
LG 32LJ500V 32 inc Full HD LED TV

LG 32LJ500V is one of the very popular compact 32 inch LED TVs in 2018. This is actually one of the cheapest 32 inch Full HD panels offered by LG but it is not only the low price that attracts many customers in this TV. The LG 32LJ500V offers pretty good picture quality and sound.

What are the rest of its good qualities? I will let you know in my short review next.