How to clean microwave in 3 easy steps

Cleaning your microwave is not hard, especially if you have the right approach

microwave clean
clean microwave in 3 easy steps and less than 3 minutes

I am really surprised that many consumers find it hard to clean their microwave ovens. I get the part that kitchen appliances could be a big hassle sometimes with tasks like cleaning the deep-fryer after couple of months of use. But cleaning microwave could be easy, especially if you have the correct approach to this not so difficult household task.

Here are my 3 quick and efficient steps to getting the microwave clean in just couple of minutes:

1. Go to the microwave - this part is essential, don't skip it!
first step
First step - go to the microwave
2. Open the microwave door - usually this should take just a couple of seconds of your time
open microwave door
Second step - open the microwave door

3.Take a clean cloth
- take it and wipe the whole inside real nice until it is all clean
wipe oven
Step number 3 - wipe the microwave nice and neat
wipe mcirowave

Well, these are my quick and easy steps to get your oven clean. I know it may look funny to some of you but still many of our young readers could find it difficult, especially if this task was given without a "tutorial".

How to clean your microwave properly - video

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  1. I would be happy to hear about your methods for cleaning a microwave. Thanks


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