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My Vectra C in images

My beautiful black Opel Vectra C hatchback - pictures taken from different locations

my Opel Vectra C image
My Opel Vectra C

Many of you who follow my blog know that like to review cars and to comment on car manufacturing in general. So far I have shared plenty of information about my cars e.g. fuel consumption, price, cost to run and much more. Today I am sharing with you couple of nice images of my Opel Vectra C, taken in different locations in Europe. Here are some of them:
rear Opel Vectra C

Opel Vectra C hatchback

Opel Astra H - second hand car review

Vectra C front image
amazing image of my car
Looks amazing on that one, doesn't it?

vectra c fuel economy
Fuel consumption to dream for (petrol engine 140 bhp)

Vectra C headlight
Need to polish the headlights soon, tried with luck

Vectra C rear photo
Took this one at the mall

Vectra C rear light

Today I won't discuss anything about its features or specs, it is all about the beauty of these images. I hope you liked them, there are purely (un)professional. 

If you are keen on Vectra-s or in Opel in general I would recommend you to check my opinion about buying a second hand Vectra C.

For other brands please take a look at the rest of my car reviews.

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