Skoda Kodiaq and Karoq - great family and business SUVs

If you are in the search for a company vehicle or a large family SUV, both the Kodiaq and Karoq by Skoda are the perfect choice

Skoda Kodiaq SUV

Skoda Kodiaq features                                                             Skoda Karoq advantages   
  • The bigger SUV                                                                   Compact size - roomy interior   
  • Large interior space and trunk volume                                4x2 and 4x4 versions
  • Petrol and Diesel engines                                                     Fuel efficient engines
  • Competitively priced                                                            Affordable price

Even though Skoda Kodiaq and Skoda Karoq are completely new models, which hit the market at 2017 they seem to be a big success for the company. Yes, of course the SUV market is still growing fast and car manufacturers are flooding the market with new models every day but still not all of them are worth buying. Being a sensible purchase is something that we can say for both the Kodiaq and Karoq. Here are few good reasons why I think so:

I will start with the most important aspect for an SUV (at least for me), the practicality features. The Karoq being the smaller of the two is the more compact and yet more versatile vehicle. It still offers enough room for 4 adults with decent amount of luggage. I would suggest to get the Karoq with the 1.5 TSI petrol engine for decent dynamics and fuel economy. Since this SUV is offered with a front-wheel-drive version as well, it is the more economical and cheaper to buy and service. I personally prefer the 4x4 version since I would buy an SUV only if I need the added practicality of the size and the option to go on different terrains and surfaces in all seasons (it will be very hard to rely on 4x2 in the deep snow when driving such a heavy vehicle).

Skoda Kodiaq exterior - white
Skoda Kodiaq looks awesome in white
Skoda Karoq exterior - green
On the other hand the Karoq looks as good in green

2013 Skoda Rapid at the Paris Motor Show

On the other hand it is almost a must to have the bigger Kodiaq with a diesel. Since it is a much larger vehicle, the added torque and fuel economy of the diesel engine would be a huge benefit here. I would recommend the 2.0 diesel engine, which has enough torque. Since it is a big SUV you would be much better with an automatic DSG transmission that is an extra, depending on the configuration. Even though Kodiaq size and dimensions are very close to those of an Audi Q7 or BMW X5, we shouldn't put it competition since I believe Skoda is not targeting the premium SUV market with this one. The biggest plus of the Kodiaq is the interior space, both for passengers and cargo, it offers a class-leading volumes (reminds me of the Superb's approach in the mid-sized sedan segment).

2018 Skoda Kaqroq vs Skoda Kodiaq - video

The interior of both SUVs is clean and simple, with a lot of rearrangement options, which makes them very versatile. Here are some interior shots from both cars that I took last year at a motor show:
Skoda Kodiaq interior - dashboard
Skoda Kodiaq interior
Skoda Kodiaq interior
Skoda Kodiaq dashboard

Skoda Kodiaq interior - seats
Skoda Kodiaq interior - front and rear seats
Skoda Karoq interior - dashboard
Skoda Karoq interior
Skoda Karoq interior
Skoda Karoq dashboard is simple and functional

Prices for the "small" Karoq start from around 25 000 Euro while for the bigger Kodiaq you will need to add some 5000 Euro more for a mid-speced configuration (prices vary in different European markets, for UK the Kodiaq can be found for just under 22 000 Pounds). These are very decent figures, considering the good quality and reliability of the brand.

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