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Tefal Subito 3 Red Wine TT260D12 toaster - my review

Product specifications and my review of the designer toaster Tefal Subito 3 Red Wine TT260D12

Tefal Subito 3 Red Wine TT260D12 toaster
Tefal Subito 3 Red Wine TT260D12 toaster review

I have reviewed plenty of our Tefal products these days and I have to admit most of them function really well, nothing major to complain. The most recent was the deep fryer TEFAL Uno M, which is pretty good as well.

Tefal Subito 3 toaster Tefal Subito 3 TT260D12 toaster

Today we will take a closer look at a product that is not very popular but could attract your attention thanks to its beautiful design and of course good build quality - the Tefal Subito 3 Red Wine TT260D12 toaster (also known as TEFAL Subito TT260D12, please note no wine is included in the box whatsoever).
Main Features:
  • Power: 850W
  • High-lift
  • Stop
  • Defrost
  • Indicator light
  • Reheat
  • 7 setting variable browning control

Top 2 competitors for the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster

Compared to the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster I am using for the last year and a half, the Tefal Subito 3 Red Wine TT260D12 has couple of more functions in addition which I don't really miss. I like to have things simple - just put the slice of bread in the toaster and get it our after a minute. Still I believe many people would appreciate the features mentioned above.

The Defrost and Reheat functions as well as a stop function are there to help prevent burnt toast.

Well, this was my quick review of the Tefal Subito 3 Red Wine TT260D12 toaster. I hope you will find this information useful.

 Please don't forget to share which is the toaster you are using and basically are you happy with the Tefal products you are using?

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