BMW 8-series coupe review

BMW 8-series coupe promises to be one of the most exciting cars in 2019

The brand new BMW 8-series was presented to the wide audience recently and just like any other new BMW it got a lot of attention. The new Bavarian luxury coupe is a reborn 8-series which we haven't seen in many years. The car screams luxury and dynamics, both typical for most non-budget BMWs. I personally like the new 8-series a lot but lets find out more about it in the following video presentation and review:

BMW 8-series video review

As you can see this is a typical BMW, in this case a huge coupe with enormous kidney grill. The design in general is more sporty than elegant but that is what most BMW customers expect.

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I believe the biggest competitor for the new 8-series would be the Mercedes S-class coupe which is extremely luxurious and rather sporty in its AMG versions.

I hope you found this BMW 8-series coupe review interesting. Please let me know your thoughts about this premium vehicle, would you consider buying one of money is not an issue?
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