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Mercedes CLS vs BMW 6GT vs Audi A7 - video

Video review of 3 of the best luxurious and yet somewhat practical cars that money can buy in 2018

Mercedes CLS, BMW 6GT, Audi A7 are all pretty good cars and I am sure any of them would please even the most spoiled customers. Probably it would be up to some small personal preferences and design that will decide where to spend your money in case you consider buying any of these 3 luxury cars.

I personally prefer the 6 series GT, not because of its boring design but rather because I believe it is the most practical and comfortable one among the compared cars. The interior of the BMW is super nice and comfortable with plenty of luxurious features. Also, the iDrive infotainment system is among the best in class (I would say runner up is the A7 with their MMI).

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Take a closer look at the Mercedes CLS vs BMW 6GT vs Audi A7 in the following video and listen what Mat Watson has to say about them in his CARWOW review, I am sure you will find it interesting.

Mercedes CLS vs BMW 6GT vs Audi A7 - video

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