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Majority 120W TV soundbar with Bluetooth

Majority SKIDDAW 120W TV soundbar with Bluetooth - cheap sound bar I would recommend, here is why

Majority SKIDDAW soundbar review
Majority SKIDDAW 120W soundbar review
Cheap soundbars are really not my thing so I in today's review I will briefly present you one of the cheapest offers one can buy in UK - the Majority 120W TV soundbar with Bluetooth. It comes with RCA audio cable included in the package and the option to stream audio wireless via Bluetooth which many consumers will appreciate. Here is what else the Majority sound bar has to offer on paper:
Main features and specs
  • Optical in/out
  • AUX in
  • Adjustable treble and bass settings
  • Remote control
  • RCA cable - included
  • AUX cable - included
  • Wireless audio connection via Bluetooth 
  • Dimensions:  W:90.1 x H: 6 x D: 7 cm

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As for the sound quality you shouldn't expect a lot as the Majority SKIDDAW soundbar offers performance that is far from premium. Still the 120W of power is more than what your TV has to offer (unless it is a very expensive television) so probably it is worth giving it a test.

The price is reasonable, the Majority 120W TV soundbar with Bluetooth costs GBP 30.

So, is the Majority 120W TV soundbar worth buying? Well, for the price mentioned above I would say yes, it is definitely worth checking it, especially if you are not very picky when considering sound performance.

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Thank you for checking my Majority soundbar review. Have you used any product related to the brand Majority? I would be happy to hear your opinion about them, how would you rate the brand and is it worth buying?