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Nike Air Zoom Resistance Clay - the worst tennis shoes by Nike

Nike manufacture some of the best tennis shoes on the market but Air Zoom Resistance Clay are not one of them - my consumer review

Nike Air Zoom Resistance Clay shoes test and review
Nike Air Zoom Resistance Clay - pretty stiff and uncomfortable
I myself am a big fan of Nike shoes and wear a pair of them almost all the time (currently the NIKE Downshifter 8). I also play tennis a lot and I needed new shoes, that will be used mostly on clay courts.

My attention was grabbed by the Nike Air Zoom Resistance Clay men's shoes which were on sale for just $50 (other tennis shoes that I liked were much more expensive, these were the cheapest by Nike).

 It was an online purchase and didn't really have a chance to try them and that was a huge mistake, since the Air Zoom Resistance turned out to be some of the worst sports shoes I have tested.

Main product specifications

  • Foam mid-sole with Zoom Air heel unit for responsive cushioning
  • Mesh and leather construction offers lightweight durability
  • Durable rubber tread with herringbone pattern for traction on clay courts
  • Perforations enhanced breathability
  • TPU mid-foot shank for stability

The looks
Nike Air Zoom Resistance Clay are offered in variety of colors but my pair was in gray, black and blue. It is not the nicest color set up since I prefer mostly white sneakers but as I said these were cheap and that was the only color option.  Mine were well packaged in traditional Nike box. Here are some beauty shots of the Air Zoom Resistance Clay:

Nike Air Zoom Resistance Clay shoes review and looks
From that angle the Air Zoom Resistance looks pretty good
Nike Air Zoom Resistance Clay shoes sole
The sole has a nice grip, especially for clay surface
Air Zoom Resistance box
The original package - orange box for the Nike Air Zoom Resistance

Consumers' opinion

After reading lots of online reviews I discovered other buyers had the same issues that I noticed. The Air Zoom Resistance are pretty stiff and hard which for some may mean stability but I felt them rather uncomfortable and tide to wear.
Yes, they feel like a solid pair of shoes but I think they are way too stiff in the front part which is a mix of perforated TPU and some leather.


I believe the price of $50 (retail price around $75) is a fair one but only for those looking for rock-solid tennis shoes. I bought mine from a store at the price of 45 Euro, they ship across all European countries. I personally prefer maneuverability instead of hard solidity but that is my personal opinion. 

They might be a good fit for other tennis players. As an alternative I would recommend the more flexible AIR ZOOM VAPOR PRESTIGE Clay shoes which are a bit more expensive.

I hope you found my Nike Air Zoom Resistance Clay shoes review useful. I really find these sneakers pretty bad I doubt it there are worse tennis shoes by Nike sold right now. Please let me know your opinion about them.

What do you think should I give them a second chance, should I return them to shopper or just sell them?