Radio alarm clock Sencor - consumer review

Full product test and video review of the projection digital clock radio Sencor SRC 3100 B

Sencor radio alarm clock review
Sencor SRC 3100 B - compact and affordable radio alarm clock with projection

It has been quite some time since we haven't reviewed any clock radios in our blog so the Sencor SRC 3100 is our pick for the Christmas holidays. 

This compact projection alarm digital clock and radio is very well build and costs around 20-25 Euro. 

Product specifications
To start with here are the main specifications of the Radio alarm clock Sencor: 

Radio alarm clock Sencor 3100
Product Specifications
Main specsBrand: Sencor
Model: SRC 3100
Type: digital alarm clock and radio
PLL FM Radio with 10 Presets
FM Receiver 87.5 - 108 MHz
Amber LED display 0.9"
Dimmer Function
Red Projection of Clock
180° Rotating Lens with Adjustable Focus
Dual Alarm
Wake Up with Buzzer or Radio
Sleep Function
Snooze Function
Battery Back-Up CR-2032 1 x 3 V (Battery Not Included)
Power: AC 230 V / 50 Hz
Consumption: 5 W
Dimensions: (w / h / d) 160 x 60 x 57 mm
Weight: 370 g

As we can see for a budget digital alarm clock this Sencor is very well packed with features. It is available in two colors - black or white. The example we tested today is the entirely black version which looks a bit more shall we say "classy".

Product Features 
  • One of the most interesting features in this digital clock is the projection option which lets you project the time (in red) on a wall or on the ceiling. This would allow you to check the time real quick on two locations in the room accessible from different angles or while you are on a bad using the ceiling projection. The Sencor SRC 3100 has adjustable rotating lens for easy and flexible display on the desirable locations.
    During our review we projected the time on daylight and in the dark as well. In bright light as expected the time isn't as visible and clear as using this mode in dark room. As a conclusion we would say it does the job OK, so the project option is definitely a usable one.
  • The radio covers frequence among 87.5 - 108 MHz and sounds fine in small rooms. Consumers can also set presets for easy and quick access of the desired radio station.
  • The dual alarm setting is usable both with radio or buzzer wake up.
  • Clock is shown in orange and well visible from any distance in most rooms. As far as we managed to find you can't change the color or the font of the clock itself.

Product gallery
To give you a better idea of this Sencor product we took some quick pictures of the clock and its packaging. Here you can see photos taken during our test with the mirrorles digital camera Panasonic Lumix GX9 and kit 12-60 mm lens in a moderately light room:
alarm clock review Sencor SRC 3100 B clock

Sencor SRC 3100 B digital clock and radio Sencor SRC 3100 B box

Sencor SRC 3100 B clock Sencor SRC 3100 B product

Product price
As we mentioned previously shoppers can buy the Sencor SRC 3100 B for 20 Euro or the equivalent of $25 in other markets outside Europe. 

Video overview
Here is a quick video tour around the Sencor SRC 3100 B digital alarm clock with radio:

Radio alarm clock Sencor - product video tour

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