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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 showing only 5 MP front camera

Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone is showing only 5 MP in the front-facing selfie camera app - RESOLVED

camera issue resolved

If you noticed that your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is showing the setting where you can boost it up only to 5 MP (instead of 8 MP max) and you are very angry at your Note smartphone... well, don't be!

We have this "issue" resolved a long time ago. And actually, it is neither an issue, nor a problem with the Note 9 after its 2019 updates but rather a feature in the selfie camera app.

How to fix the issue with the selfie-camera low megapixels?

First of all we would like to mention that if you noticed this so called problem you shouldn't worry, most probably your Note 9 is working just fine.

Here is how you can use the full potential of your Note 9 selfie camera - video

It is just the Samsung's camera interface that is not quite intuitive about a specific feature in their front-facing selfie camera in the Galaxy Note 9.

So how to "fix" the 5 to 8 MP issue? Well, we have attached couple of screenshots where we can obviously see that the front camera is working as expected in maximum of 8 megapixels. In order to activate the full range of pixels you just need to apply the wide selfie option in the camera interface as shown below:

wide selfie mode
Just switch to wide-selfie and than check camera settings

After that go to settings and from there you will have control over the maximum quality of the selfie-camera.

selfie camera settings
And here is the 8.0 MP option again after switching to wide-selfie mode

As we mentioned in the beginning, there is no actual issue but just a small interface related thing that is actually intended to work that way.

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