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DJI Osmo Action - still an amazing action camera 2020

 First impressions with the DJI Osmo Action camera - 2020 test

DJI Osmo Action

It has been couple of weeks since we first bought the DJI Osmo Action camera at it was time for a real-world test outdoors. 

We decided to take the Osmo Action with us during our trip in the mountains for the weekend and we checked how it performed in its natural habitat - out in the sun, under water and in good light conditions. We also pushed the stabilization capabilities through the mountain tracks (nothing extreme though).

Here is our quick video review from this weekend and we will share our consumer impressions with the Osmo Action after that:

DJI Osmo Action - 2020 test

After watching some many reviews and hours of thorough research we believed that the DJI Osmo Action is the best action cam to buy in 2020. And judging only by the experience we've had so far we can say the expectations were met. Here are the most important factors that makes us think that way about the Osmo Action:

  • Records great outdoor 4k video in up to 60 fps
  • Very good image stabilization
  • Front display
  • Removable lens cover
  • Easy menu
  • Long battery life
  • Adequately priced

By the way for the underwater footage we trusted the water-resistance of the Osmo Action as it is, no external protection added, just as it is out of the box (lets hope it will last using it that way).

DJI Osmo Action and RockSteady in 2020

Also, the battery of the Osmo Action lasted during our whole trip and there were some 20% left when we returned home, so DJI did a good job and used a proper battery in this little cam. 

Do you agree with us and think that the DJI Osmo Action with its latest updates could be the best or one of the best action cameras in 2020? 

Please give your feedback and let us know what action cam are you currently using and are you happy with its performance!

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