DJI Osmo Action outdoor bike test

Testing the DJI Osmo Action camera on a bike in a beautiful sunny day

DJI Osmo Action bike test

Since the weather was beautiful today, I decided to make another outdoor test of the DJI Osmo Action camera but this time riding my mountain bike.

For the purpose I used a nice countryside road with some beautiful nature views that you will see in the following video: 

DJI Osmo Action road test - video (2020)

For this video I had the Osmo Action handheld the whole time since I still haven't bought any mounts and accessories.

As you heard in the video I was filming initially in 4k and 24 fps while on the second part of the video I tested the HDR mode. It seems like the RockSteady stabilization was not working in the HDR test but if that is my fault or intended behavior, I will have to check and update you.

No sensor filters, gimbal or sticks were used in this recording!

As mentioned in the video test itself, I would be happy to hear your recommendations about the best accessories for this action camera.

Feel free to check our initial review and tests of the DJI Osmo Action for more product info:
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