Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR - long term review

Long term consumer review of the Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR purifier - disappointed

Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR

It has been over 6 months since I bought the Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR air purifier and it is time for personal consumer feedback about this product.  

I remember I got a very discount for it and decided I made a very good deal for a quality product. Well, I don't think anymore. Here is why:

Why am I disappointed with the Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR

Since I have used other purifiers before I have some overview of such kind of device and certain expectations as well. 

First of all I was disappointed by the cleaning capabilities of the Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR. I have tested it in various situations with smoke, dust, odor... and the results I got were not as good as I expected. 

Generally the air in the room where it was used didn't feel clean and fresh. Well, I know that is not a vacuum-cleaner and I don't expect it to be but still I have seen better.

I also didn't like the overall quality of the product. It is noisy and works quite harsh in all modes, on max it is not bearable even for a minute. Much cheap purifiers like the IDEA XJ-3800-1 work smoother in my opinion and actually that is a purifier I have for many years now and still works fine. 

I still haven't decided if I am going to keep the Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR or sell it. 

One positive thing that I can say about it is that it is relatively good looking and is adequate in size, not compact by any means. 

Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR - everything you need to know

If you have used/tested any good quality air-purifiers, please drop me a line in the comments, will be happy to hear from you.
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