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Wilson Ultra 100L v3 - club player dream racket in 2021?

Wilson Ultra 100L v3 tennis racket review - better without Countervail?

Wilson Ultra 100L V3 test and review
Wilson Ultra 100L V3 tennis racket - our consumer feedback 

Since we first tested the first version of the Wilson Ultra tennis racket couple of years ago we totally loved it. It was precise and relatively easy to swing, with adequate power and decent flex. It was a very versatile racket which unfortunately lacked personality which was both good and a bad thing at the same time. 

Today we are taking a closer look at the 2020 edition of the Wilson Ultra 100L v3 which is the lightweight version of the popular series used by Gael Monfils, Borna Coric other professional players from the tour. 

To begin with, here are the most important specs of the Wilson Ultra 100L V3 tennis racket

Wilson Ultra 100L v3 - product specifications

ModelUltra 100L v3
Weight unstrung9.9 oz / 280 g
TechnologyIntegrated PWS, Power RIB, Sweet Spot Channel, Power Profile
CompositionCarbon Fiber
Head Size100 in² / 645 cm²
Length26.97 in / 68.5 cm
Balance unstrung12.6 in / 32 cm
Beam Width24-26-23 mm
String Pattern16x19

Here is how the Ultra 100 v3 series is ranked in couple main categories out on the court:

2020 Ultra v3 review - video

And here are the most important features and technologies as provided by manufacturer Wilson:
  • Lightweight construction provides extra maneuverability alongside comfortable swings
Integrated Perimeter Weighting System increases frame volume at 3 & 9 for added stability without compressing sweet spot
  • Sweet Spot Channel features cavity on inside of frame to extend cross strings and increase grommet movement for more power
  • Inverted Power Rib throat geometry optimizes torsional stability for reduced frame twisting
  • Crush Zone grommet system compresses at impact to boost power and ball dwell time on strings
  • High-Performance Carbon Fiber composition contributes to impressive frame stability for explosive power
  • Power Taper increases cross-section mass for more responsive power

No Countervail?
So, the latest generation Ultra got rid of the controversial Countervail technology which many players didn't like because they felt it dampened the response and natural feeling from the racket too much.

We have heard some comments about the stiffness rating of the new Ultra series frame. For the 100L it is measured at 73 RA which is considered quite stiff and some club players are afraid from it being too harsh on their arm and from getting elbow and shoulder injury.

But remember that frame stiffness is just one of the key aspects that matter for the comfort of play. Same with weight - some players are afraid from heavier rackets but get injuries from lightweight soft frames.

Still, from previous experience with the Ultra series we wouldn't recommend stringing the 100L v3 over 25 kg (unless you are a pro and you need total control and precision). 

Wilson Ultra 100L v3 - product price

With a sticker price of $189.00 on the official Wilson website and even cheaper at some online retailers the Ultra 100L V3 looks like a sweat deal, considering that this is a high-end tennis racket.

Best club player tennis racket in 2021?

Well, the Wilson Ultra 100L v3 has the potential to be this racket. But lets not forget there is plenty of competition in the face of Wilson Clash and Blade and of course HEAD Instinct and Radical (the S versions) which we all like. 

Probably it is going to be as usual, up to the personal preference of the player but for a club player taking part in some amateur weekend tournaments the Ultra 100L will be a very powerful tool by all means.

Thank you for checking our Wilson Ultra 100L v3 product review! Stay tuned for more racket tests in 2021 and of course our honest feedback throughout the tennis season.