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Dell P2421D - one-month feedback

Our first-hand consumer feedback from the Dell P2421D monitor after a month

Dell P2421D monitor review

It has been over a month with the 24-inch QHD IPS monitor Dell P2421D and it is time to share our 2021 feedback and how find this product. 

Dell P2421D - Image quality

With its QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution the P2421D delivers really great possibilities for gaming and work. We've used the monitor for office work and video rendering as well and we would strongly recommend it for these purposes. Colors are great and so are the viewing angles. 

Dell P2421D is also quite easy on the eyes after long use - we haven't noticed any excessive tiredness like we did with the older Dell E2314H

Watching YouTube videos in high resolution was also a real pleasure on this monitor. 

But as I mentioned we mostly used the P2421D on a work configuration with Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro. Probably two of these monitors coupled together would be a great choice for mid-range workstation or home office. Lets not forget the fact that the P2421D rotates in all directions so you can use it for pivot work. 

Overall, our feedback in regards to image quality is very good, without any major negatives.

Dell P2421D - Functionality and ease of use

Dell P2421D controls

As we mentioned in our initial review, the monitor controls and menu could have been a bit more user-friendly and better designed. 


Other than that, the P2421D has variety of adjustments which allows it to be quite a versatile tool. We particularly liked the pivot adjustment - the screen rotates into vertical position quite easy and can be returned to its default position with a single move.

Dell P2421D back

Cable management is another thing that Dell thought of - there is a big enough hole in the stand where you can route all cables that are in use.

Verdict and other thoughts

Well, it might be just a one-month review but still we can give some relevant feedback for this period. We are quite happy with the Dell P2421D QHD monitor and its performance. 

Dell P2421D monitor and cat
And yes, sometimes Dell P2421D comes with a cat

We bought it on a very good Black Friday deal and this made it even more appealing back then. Now, it feels like a very good product, with good image quality, lots of ports and adjustments... if it is durable and lasts for years, there would be nothing more to want from this Dell monitor.

Dell P2421D QHD monitor