Dell E2314H 23-inch Full HD LED monitor review

Dell E2314H 23-inch Full HD LED monitor specifications, test, images and consumer review

Dell E2314H review
Dell E2314H consumer review

Dell E2314H review - this is the monitor that I recently bought for work purposes and it has been almost two weeks since I am using this one, that's why I decided it is high time to share my impressions and make a quick review of this 23-inch Full HD LED monitor.

Dell E2314H
E2314H comes with VGA and DVI-D ports

When I first decided I need new bigger monitor I was sure that my primary choice would be Dell as I was working on a 22-inch wide Dell panel for about a year now and I was very pleased with it's performance. I had some concerns though as I was confident I am going to be a 24-inch IPS panel but eventually gave up on that idea.

I don't know why but I don't prefer the shiny IPS screens that Dell is currently offering - models like the P2414H and S2340L offer better colors and overall picture quality but are more expensive and not really suitable for work purposes as they have glare coating (for the S2340L).

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So, I finally made my mind and decided that I will get the E2314H which is a decent size and has more than decent specs, it looks nice and the price was really good. I bought my E2314H for less than 140 Euros which is a great deal for a 23-inch Full HD LED panel. It's been two weeks since I am using this monitor on daily basis and I have to admit that I am really pleased with my choice, really nothing to complain from.

The screen is big enough to fit multiple applications but doesn't dominate my work desk like a 24+ monitor would do, it is really the right size for the tasks I am using. It is really not meant to be a multimedia monitor, the models that I previously mentioned would do a better job as they offer better viewing angles and very rich colors - the main advantages of the IPS displays.
Dell E2314H rear
Dell E2314H monitor looks slim and fit

Main specifications of the Dell E2314H:

  • Panel backlight: LED
  • Display Type: Widescreen Flat Panel Display
  • Diagonally viewable Size: 58.4 cm / 23.0 inches (23.0 -inch wide viewable image size)
  • Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16:9)
  • Panel Type, Surface: TN, anti glare with hard coat 3H
  • Optimal resolution: 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000 to 1 (typical)
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m² (typical)
  • Response Time: 5 ms (back to white)
  • Max Viewing Angle: (160° vertical /170° horizontal)
  • Color Gamut (typical): 83% (CIE 1976)1
  • Color Depth: 16.7 million colors
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.265 mm
  • Display Screen Coating: Antiglare with hard-coating 3H
  • Ports: 1x VGA and 1x DVI-D

Images of the Dell E2314H:
E2314H standDell E2314HE2314H settings

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Dell E2314H hiorizontal viewing angleE2314H vertical viewing angleE2314H

So, this was my short consumer review of the affordable 23-inch Dell E2314H monitor.

2020 update: We are still using the E2314H monitor without any issues whatsoever - no dead pixels, blurring or anything else.