Dell P2421D monitor - the one to buy in 2021

Our first-hand consumer review of the 24-inch QHD IPS monitor Dell P2421D

Dell P2421D monitor
Dell P2421D - one of the best $300 monitors in 2021

Since we use a lot of Dell's hardware, it would be fair to say that we are Dell experts in some way, or at least on a consumer level. We have tested numerous laptops, monitors and now we have the expertise and knowledge to look on a detailed level each Dell product we check. 

Today's review is going to be the first of a series dedicated on the Dell P2421D. This is basically a mid-range IPS display with QHD resolution and 23.8” in diagonal. The item we are reviewing today is not just a test item but one that we are actually going to keep (yes, it is that good). And now after almost a month after our purchase, here is the first feedback we got for you...

Before that, lets take a quick look at the product specifications:

Dell P2421D specifications

Device type
LED-backlit LCD monitor - 23.8"
USB 3.0 hub
Panel type
Aspect ratio
Native resolution
QHD 2560 x 1440 at 60 Hz
Pixel pitch
0.2058 mm
300 cd/m²
Contrast ratio
Response time
8 ms (normal); 5 ms (gray-to-gray)
16.7 million colors
Input connectors
HDMI, DisplayPort
Display position adjustments
Height, pivot (rotation), swivel, tilt
Screen coating
Haze 25%, anti-glare 3H hardness
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand
21.2 in x 6.5 in x 14 in
7.43 lbs
Environmental standards
TCO Certified Displays 8, ENERGY STAR Qualified
Compliant standards
RoHS, NFPA 99, DisplayPort 1.2, HDCP 1.4

Dell P2421D monitor - first impressions

Before we share the first impressions we got from the Dell P2421D I just want to inform you that most of the media content in this article will be updated with higher quality images/video.

So, the P2421D came nicely packaged in thick cardboard, with HDMI and display cables included. The monitor itself is very compact thanks to its thin frame (can't say it's a frameless display though). 

Dell P2421D monitor packaging
Dell P2421D came in a solid cardboard box

The build quality of product is good but we have seen better plastics used in Dell products. The much cheaper Dell E2314H that we used for quite some time had somewhat sturdier feeling on touch. Same can be said for the menu buttons on the P2421D which feel a bit cheap and flimsy but operate perfectly fine.

Dell P2421D connections
Besides HDMI and Display port connectors, we have some USB 3.0 ports

Overall, the first impressions were good, something that is quite expected from a $300 monitor after all.

Dell P2421D monitor - user experience and image quality

Well, in this section we will clarify why actually we said that this is the monitor to buy in 2021. There are some main boxes that the Dell P2421D ticks with confidence:

  • Size - we believe that 24-inch is just the right size for a monitor these days, not too big, neither too small. Whether it is for gaming or for general office work the usable space on this screen would be more than enough, without overtaking your desk space. 

    monitor stand
    Dell P2421D monitor stand is compact but stable
  • Resolution - we know that for most people Full HD would be more than enough but believe us QHD makes a difference if you compare these side by side. That is actually what we did and we were more than happy to get the 2560 x 1440 at 60 Hz. We are not sorry for not getting a 4k monitor since the difference wouldn't be that noticeable on a 23.8-inch display, especially on the ASUS Dual Radeon RX 5500 XT EVO that we will use for the P2421D configuration.
  • Position and adjustment - the Dell P2421D can be position in almost any configuration which makes it a very flexible monitor. You can easily adjust its height, rotate it sideways for pivots, swivel and tilt. Finding the right position for us was very easy and took us less than 1-2 minutes.

    Dell P2421D monitor pivot      Dell P2421D pivot rotation
  • Image quality - that is probably the most important aspect when discussing a monitor. And here the P2421D really shines. The IPS matrix delivers sharp images and crisp colors. The high 2560 x 1440 resolution, brightness of  300 cd/m² and 1000:1 contrast ratio combined with the anti-glare coating and we had everything we looked for in a work monitor. 
Of course these are not the only qualities that the P2421D has but this is not an advertisement, we share just what grabbed our attention in these first weeks. 

Dell P2421D menu settings (video)

Probably another big driver for buying this exact model was its price.

Dell P2421D monitor - price info

We managed to get a very sweet deal for the Dell P2421D  on Black Friday. What we paid for it was less than $250 which is a great deal considering the MSRP on Dell's US website of $360 (currently discounted on $285). 

Dell P2421D - one month feedback

This in general is our one month feedback for the Dell P2421D. It is a great monitor and almost nothing to complain during these first weeks of use. Well yes, we don't like some things like the small menu buttons and the plastic used could be of a higher grade. But all these are just small remarks compared to what this QHD monitor delivers for the price.
If you are in the search for adequately priced mid-sized QHD IPS monitor in 2021, you should definitely check the Dell P2421D. 

And if you need a brand new and powerful compact laptop this year, you should definitely check the mighty Dell Latitude 5411 that we reviewed couple of weeks ago.

Don't forget to subscribe since we will do a follow up on this product shortly. Until then, please leave your consumer feedback about this monitor in the comments below, thanks!


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