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Lorus RT383HX9 chronograph watch after six months

Six months feedback of the Lorus RT383HX9 chronograph watch

Lorus chronograph watch

I have been using the Lorus RT383HX9 chronograph watch for the last six months and to be honest I am very pleased with it. Those of you who follow this blog regularly would know that I am a huge Casio watches fan but I have to admit that this Lorus really suits me nice. 

What I like about the Lorus RT383HX9

First of all I should probably mention the looks - the Lorus RT383HX9 is very stylish, entirely decided in black with some whit and gold accents. It is one of those watches that wouldn't look wired if worn with a suit or just a casual daily outfit. The Lorus RT383HX9 is elegant and stylish and yet has a sporty feel. 

Lorus RT383HX9 chronograph watch        Lorus RT383HX9 chronograph watch

This Lorus chronograph watch is also quite comfortable. Even though the Lorus RT383HX9 is originally sold with a plain rubberized strap it looks and feels OK. 

Lorus vs Casio

Probably I will change it after some time and put on a leather one. It also has very good form factor - not too big as many other chronograph watches but still has the presence of a man's watch.

Lorus RT383HX9 watch after six months

The Lorus RT383HX9 is also quite accurate and shows the correct time just fine. 

What I don't like about the Lorus RT383HX9

It is not many things that I dislike about the Lorus RT383HX9. As I already mentioned I am not a big fan of rubber straps, they make my skin very sweaty in the summer. 

Other than that it is all good and I am quite happy with the purchase of the Lorus RT383HX9 chronograph watch.

Lorus RT383HX9 chronograph watch - video

This is my 6-month feedback about this Lorus watch. I would also be happy to hear your opinion about it, so feel free to share that in the comments.

Lorus RT383HX9 chronograph watch - user review