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Philips Multigroom MG5720 - good enough for 2022?

Is the Philips Multigroom MG5720 good enough trimmer to buy in 2022 - our consumer opinion

Philips Multigroom MG5720 trimmer

I have been using the Philips Multigroom MG5720 hair clipper and trimmer for two years now and it has done a good job for my personal needs. The fact that it was used at least once per week throughout this period and it still works fine means that it is a quality made product as well.

Since we bought the Philips Multigroom MG5720 many new trimmers from this brand came on the market but the Multigroom MG5720 is still for sale on a good price. 

So today we will be checking if the Philips Multigroom MG5720 is worth buying in the upcoming 2022 or you should check any of the new models like the Philips HC9450/15 or the Philips HC5630/15.

What trimmers and hair clippers would we need in 2022?

I don't think there will be any significant difference in the consumer needs in regards to hair trimming and hair clipping. What we saw in the last couple of years is that Philips and other manufacturers are aiming to provide more versatile and combo products that would not only serve specific needs but also combine few functions in one device. Such example is the relatively new Philips OneBlade which trims, edges and shaves, all done with one device.

Philips Multigroom MG5720 tested

In that regards we could say that the Philips Multigroom MG5720 will be still a good competitor in 2022, since it is quite a versatile tool which is good enough for basic shaving, hair and body trim and also few other functions thanks to the set of accessories that come with it. The MG5720 is also comfortable to use, relatively quiet and easy to wash.

Multigroom MG5720 blade

All of that combined with the lack of reliability issues with this product makes me think that the MG5720 will be a good product to buy in 2022. 

Of course, new offers like the Philips HC5612/15 or the Philips HC7650/15 may look more appealing with their innovative design and some improved features but the Multigroom MG5720 will have its place on the market at least for a year more.

Philips Multigroom MG5720 - long term review