Samsung message: Use PIN after restart

What to do when the Use PIN after restart message shows on your Samsung smartphone

Samsung lock screen

In the last couple of weeks we have dedicated quite some time for helpful tips for different tech problems. Today we are sharing quick instructions what to do when a message shows up on some Android smartphones - Use PIN after restart

Are Sony Smart TVs easy to use?

Sony TVs deliver amazing image quality but do they have easy and intuitive Smart TV software?

Are Sony Smart TVs easy to use

Today we have Sony Smart TVs on focus and we will answer the question - are they any good as Smart TVs, how intuitive are their menus and if they are easy to use in general. 

Throughout the years we have tested many Sony LCD and LED televisions and actually owned quite a lot of them as well so this would be kind of personal consumer feedback and opinion.

Enter SIM card PIN - Android message

What to when you get the "Enter SIM card PIN" message on your Samsung or other Android device

Android message

At Test and Review we decided that in 2022 we will dedicate some time showing resolutions to different tech problems on various platforms and devices. 

Today we are taking a closer look at the Enter SIM card PIN message that pops up on Android devices when turning on or after restart. The device we have on site is an old but might Samsung Galaxy S9 currently with Android 10 and One UI version 2.5. 

Panasonic Lumix GH6 MFT camera is finally released

Panasonic Lumix GH6 camera is finally released and for sale - all you need to know about the flagship MFT camera

Panasonic Lumix GH6 MFT camera released

After the success of the popular Panasonic Lumix GH5 which was one of the very capable videographers' cameras now we have the brand new Lumix GH6 which impresses with many innovations. 

Best 43-inch Smart TVs in UK for 2022

Our short list with the candidates for the title "Best 43-inch Smart TV offered in UK"

best TV list 2022

Since the beginning of the pandemic we see rising demand for digital products like PCs, laptops, TVs and more. 

Sometimes it gets quite hard to navigate around all offers on the market, that is why today we have compiled a short list with what we think could be the best 43-inch Smart TVs offered in UK in 2022

Buying cheap 43-inch TV in 2022 - Toshiba 43L2163DB

Cheap TVs in UK still exist and the Toshiba 43L2163DB is a good example for that

Buying cheap 43-inch TV in 2022

We have reviewed many cheap TVs in the last couple of years but with recent economic events and the growing inflation rates, cheap televisions are a bit more expensive in 2022. 

Toshiba 43L2163DB is a very good example for an affordable 43-inch TV with good features and specifications but pretty ugly design and mediocre build quality.

Testing the Logitech Z337 Bluetooth speakers in 2022

My consumer test and review of the 2.1 speaker system Logitech Z337

Logitech Z337 speakers

I have the Logitech Z337 speaker system for couple of years now and it has been working flawlessly so far. It delivers good sound quality and the Bluetooth streaming option is a nice addition to this 2.1 speakers system. 

Today I just wanted to give my personal feedback about the Logitech Z337, how it performs and my honest opinion about this product in 2022. 

FFalcon 43UF3 - affordable 4k TV for the Australian market

Taking a closer look at the 43-inch 4k TV FFalcon 43UF3, its product features, specifications and price info

FFalcon 43UF3 Australian TV

Those who follow our blog know that we like Australian TVs and we have reviewed couple so far. Today we are taking a closer look at the 43-inch 4k FFalcon 43UF3 which is an affordable suggestion in this segment. 

BaByliss hair dryer 2022 test

Checking the BaByliss hair dryer that has been on service for quite some time now

BaByliss hair dryer test

This will probably be one of the shortest reviews for this year but there isn't really much to be said about the 2000W BaByliss hair dryer that we have used in the past couple of years. 

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