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Toshiba 58UL2163DB - is it any good as certified refurbished TV?

Toshiba 58UL2163DB is a 58-inch 4k Smart TV offered cheap as certified refurbished item in UK

Toshiba 58UL2163DB TV review

We have reviewed plenty of Toshiba TVs and for most of them we have concluded that they are good value for money products. That is the case with today's item in focus - the 58-inch 4k Smart TV Toshiba 58UL2163DB.

For the price of around £250 you get all the basic features of a modern big screen television. But is this good enough price and value for the refurbished goods market in UK? Lets check the features and find out.

Toshiba 58UL2163DB - main product features and specifications

Brand: Toshiba
Model: 58UL2163DB
Color: Black
Condition: Manufacturer Refurbished - Includes Stand, Remote control, User manual and Power lead. Non-essential accessories (cables, adapters etc.) may NOT be supplied.
Dimensions: 1305 x 814 x 245 (W x H x D in mm including stand)
Size: 58"
Type: LED TV
EPG: Yes
Freeview: Yes
Freeview HD: Yes
Wi-Fi Built in: Yes
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4K Resolution)
Screen Type: LED
Ethernet Port: Yes
HDMI Inputs: x 3
USB: x 2
Amazon 4K Streaming: Yes
Freeview Play: Yes
Netflix 4K Streaming: Yes
USB Playback Format Audio: Yes
USB Playback Format Images: Yes
USB Playback Format Video: Yes
VESA wall bracket mounting Size: 200 x 200

The basics are here - 4k, Smart TV, Wi-Fi, HDR, all the features of a good entry level big screen TV.

The price

Brand new the Toshiba 58UL2163DB sells for around £450 which makes the £250 refurbished price pretty good.

Other offers in this class

The 58UL2163DB is not the only budget TV in the segment. Here are just some of the competitors:
  • Toshiba 58UL2063DB - probably one of the biggest competitors comes from Toshiba as well. The 58UL2063DB is a decent 4k Smart TV with similar price (as brand new item).
  • JVC LT-58CA810 - priced at around £400 the LT-58CA810 is another good alternative.
  • Hitachi 58HK6100U - this TV has been on the market for quite some time and become of the most popular Hitachi 4k TVs in the last couple of years. Since it is not a recent model, there are probably some very good deals for refurbished items.
So, can we conclude that the Toshiba 58UL2163DB is a proper big screen TV for under £300?
Well, definitely yes, especially if you are in UK and you need something big for home cinema or sports, that would be one of the best budget choices right now.