What we like about Opel Insignia dashboard - facelift model

Few things to like about the Opel Insignia A facelift - our comments about the dashboard, multimedia and climate control panel

2016 Opel Insignia controls
Dashboard and control panel

We had the chance to test the facelift 2016 version of the Opel Insignia these days and we wanted to leave our consumer feedback about few things in the interior. 

Central control panel, multimedia and climate controls

These things are on our focus today and we have to admit Opel did a great job in that regards. In its last years under GM the European branch took some design queues from American relatives like Cadillac (the beautiful touch controls for the climate). Here are few key points when we talk about the 2016 Insignia (facelift) interior:

  • Good ergonomics
  • Nice looking layout and design
  • Still enough physical buttons for direct control over various functions
  • Materials nice to the touch but easy to scratch
  • One of the best overall designed dashboards in the segment

Good ergonomics is the biggest advantage of this central control panel. The main controls are easily reachable and there is a quick hardware button for almost all of the important functions - you don't need to browse through menus in order to adjust something simple. 

Opel Insignia (facelift model) dashboard, digital cockpit and instrument panel - video

The entertainment system has big central touchscreen and we love the fact that it has Android auto onboard - many cars back in 2016 don't have it even as a paid option. The Insignia that we tested was not equipped with the optional touchpad which duplicates the touchscreen functions and is additional input source. 

Generally speaking we love the looks and the functionality of the central dashboard. Materials are good to the touch but probably not so durable. 

Compared to other models from different manufacturers we can say that the Insignia multimedia system is one of the best of its time. For the second generation Insignia starting from 2017 Opel did some modifications and the infotainment looks more modern and with better graphics and resolution. Unfortunately many consumers reported faulty displays on Astra-s and Insignia-s from 2017 and 2018.

We will give it some more testing and share additional feedback about more specific functions and extras.

Opel Insignia as a second hand car