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Philips 3000 series MG3710 all in one trimmer review

First impressions and consumer review of the entry-level battery powered trimmer Philips MG3710

Philips MG3710 review

I have reviewed so many Philips trimmers in the last couple of years that I already feel like a pro when I get to test a new one. Today I will be sharing my first impressions with the entry-level Philips 3000 series all in one trimmer - the Philips MG3710.

To start this review properly, first of all lets check the specifications and then I will share my first thoughts after the initial test of the trimmer.

Philips 3000 series MG3710 - product specifications

product specifications

Product: Philips 3000 series MG3710
Number of tools
6 tools
Styling tools
Nose & ear trimmer
2 beard combs
2 stubble combs
Facial styling
Long beard
Short beard
Stubble look
Sharp lines
Detailed styling
Self-sharpening blades
Cleaning brush
Storage pouch
Battery type
Run time
60 minutes
16 hours full charge
Automatic voltage
100-240 V
Rinseable attachments
Maintenance free
No oil needed
3-year guarantee

Philips MG3710 - first use and impressions

As mentioned above, I have already tried the trimmer and used it for shaving and body trimming. My first impressions are quite positive, the product is easy to use and did the job well. Here are some key points that I would like to mention: 

  • Good build quality - even though the MG3710 is part of the lower 3000 series (there is also 5000 and 7000 which are considered premium) it looks and feels very well made.
  • Compact and lightweight - this trimmer is really light and quite compact. Compared to my Philips Multigroom MG5720 it feels really compact.

trimmer comparison
  • Small trimming coverage - not only the trimmer is small but also its trimming coverage. For some this might be an advantage for better control but for others it will take way too long for covering larger areas.
  • Good battery life - the battery life of this trimmer can be considered relatively short compared to the models from the upper series. Anyways it last some good 50-60 minutes which I would consider a good result.
  • Comfortable - one of the key qualities of a good trimmer should be comfort. Philips MG3710 trims and shaves relatively easy, at least in the beginning. It has self-sharpening blades so hopefully comfortable trimming will remain for a long period of time.
  • 6 in 1 trimmer - the included accessories are more than enough for the average user. The included nose and year trimming part is quite useful. 
Other thoughts 
trimmer blade

For the price of around 25 Euros I believe Philips are going to have another best seller in the segment. To be honest, if I need to replace my trimmer today I wouldn't pay attention to other brands since I got quite familiar with Philips products and particularly like their trimming products. 

Philips 3000 series MG3710 - video

Of course this is my initial review of the Philips MG3710 and I will give it some time for more advanced testing. After that I will share my thoughts in a follow up review. 
Meanwhile, I will be happy to hear your thoughts about this product or about the trimmer you are currently using. 

You can also check the Philips MG3720 which is almost identical to the MG3710.