Cellularline ultra-thin soft rubber case - perfect fit for Samsung A53

Looking for the best case for the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G smartphone? Cellularline ultra-thin soft rubber case is probably the perfect case for the mid-range Samsung smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A53 case

We don't change company smartphones very often but when we do we try to equip them with the perfect accessories. 

Recently we got the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G which is an awesome mid-range smartphone with lots of good qualities. Of course it needed a case straight out of the box and that is when the Cellularline ultra-thin soft rubber case paired with our A53

Cellularline ultra-thin soft rubber case for Samsung A53 - main features

  • Fits perfectly with the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
  • Transparent
  • Soft rubber material
  • Super-thin
  • Durable material
  • Affordable
  • Offers good protection
Unlike many other quality phone accessories, this rubber case is quite affordable - official price of 13 Euro

That is the price for the Fine version of this clear case for the A53 smartphone. There is also Strong version which is around 20 Euro MSRP. 

Our feedback so far

We have the case on our A53 for almost a week now and we have to admit we are quite happy with it. Usually we would avoid transparent cases since sometimes they look cheap and dirty, but Cellularline did a good job providing pleasing to the touch material which looks fine. 
Cellularline ultra-thin soft rubber case
Hopefully this ultra-thin soft rubber case will last and protect the smartphone in case of a drop or something else. 
Here is the case before we installed it on the phone - both sides, front and rear:
case front
case back
And here is how the protector looks when installed on the Galaxy A53 smartphone:
Cellularline ultra-thin case
The side profile of the phone remains thin and elegant looking:
Cellularline A53 case - side view
And finally, the bottom of the phone after installing the Cellularline ultra-thin soft rubber case:
Cellularline ultra-thin soft rubber case - bottom
We will share more about it after some more time using it. Meanwhile you can check the Cellularline Sensation case for Samsung Galaxy A52 and A52S which we liked a lot.