Lenovo EMS-537A mouse - six months review

We test and review the cheap Lenovo EMS-537A mouse after six months of use

Lenovo EMS-537A mouse review

It has been a while since we started using the Lenovo EMS-537A mouse so it is time to give it a proper consumer review. 

After more than six months of using this cheap Lenovo mouse we can conclude that it is a well-made product that is preferred in many offices and call centers because of its low price and durability. 

Lenovo EMS-537A - product specifications

It is not a very big list of specs but here is the most important about the EMS-537A mouse:

TypeWired mouse
Tracking methodOptical
Cable length1.8 m
Recommended useDesktop
Dimensions10x6x2.5 cm

Lenovo EMS-537A is offered mostly in black color, entirely made of plastic. We have seen white versions as well but they are quite rare and don't look as good. 

Lenovo EMS-537A tested

Lenovo EMS-537A - ergonomics

After six moths of using the EMS-537A mouse we can rate it as relatively comfortable. When using for more than 2 hours continuously it didn't cause any pain or discomfort. It has a pretty standard shape that is going to suit most consumers. 

Lenovo EMS-537A ergonomics

Its best use is for desktops and the long USB cable definitely helps of your station is not very close.

Lenovo EMS-537A - price

The price for the Lenovo EMS-537A varies depending on your locations. You can find this mouse for as low as $10. Bulk offers for 10 items and more go even cheaper. So if you have a company and you need cheap solution for office PC accessories then the EMS-537A is a pretty decent choice.

Other thoughts

There is nothing really to complain from the Lenovo EMS-537A mouse. Pretty standard and cheap mouse that gets the job done.

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