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Consumer review of the cheap Bluetooth headset SWITCH ON

wireless headset tested

In today's consumer review we are checking a product that we bought recently from Kaufland. The price was decent - around 20 Euro, which is pretty good for a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

To be honest, we don't know much about the brand SWITCH ON so we will go straight to our feedback from the first couple of hours of use. 

SWITCH ON Bluetooth headset - first impressions

First impressions are positive - the product is packaged well in a cardboard box and includes 3.5mm audio cable, type C charging cable and an instructions booklet. 

headphones plastic - quality

These SWITCH ON headphones are made of black plastic which doesn't feel premium but that is something expected in this price point. 


pairing button

It took some time before we paired the headset for the very first time. We paired it via Bluetooth with a Samsung Galaxy A53 which doesn't have an audio jack. Pairing takes couple of seconds if you get the correct button on the right headphone. 

Sound Quality

The sound quality via Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio cable was decent to good. These are cheap headphones and probably the most important qualities are durability and comfort. 

Listening to music is fine with these SWITHC ON headphones as long as the source provides high-quality songs and playback. You can expect some bass but not as deep as we wished. 

Sound quality when making calls is average but still OK when using in quiet environment. We haven't tested this headset on a place where strong noise-cancellation capabilities would be required.


headphones soft padding

The SWITHC ON wireless headphones have some soft padding which makes them usable for longer periods. We are not sure for how long this padding will remain in good condition but we will see about that.

Video review

Now lets take a look at the video review of the headset that we have prepared for you.

Jabra Evolve 20 HSC016 headset

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