Tefal Super Uno FR302130 fryer - consumer opinion

Real world test and review of one of the best fryers on the market today - the Tefal Super Uno FR302130

Tefal Super Uno FR302130 fryer review
The cool looking and yet very functional Tefal Super Uno FR302130 fryer

"Traditional fryer with unique design", that is how Tefal promotes their Super Uno FR302130. It is really a cool looking appliance with some unique features that make it stand out from other regular deep-dryers.

Main product features
  • Large frying capacity - up to 1.5 kg /2 liters of oil needed/
  • Cool walls
  • Removable non-stick bowl
  • Removable lid with built-in odor filter
  • Digital timer
  • Dish washer friendly parts

Tefal Super Uno FR302130 - our review

So first of all lets talk about its large capacity - you can cook up to 1.5 kg of food at a time with the Super Uno FR302130. That is possible thanks to its large removable bowl which has great capacity.

And yes, you read that correctly the Super Uno offers removable bowl which makes cleaning this fryer really easy. I think that is the feature that most consumer would appreciate. I've heard that so many people are struggling with cleaning up their fryers just because the bowl is not removable, so great job here Tefal.

The bowl itself is made of non-sticking material (anti-stick coating as Tefal calls it). It is also dish washer safe, so you can easily clean it together with the lid (including the filter in it).
Tefal Super Uno FR302130 open
Tefal Super Uno FR302130 with removable bowl

Tefal Super Uno FR302130 fryer
The lid has built-in odor filter

Tefal Super Uno FR302130 also has a digital timer, another extra that many of you will appreciate.

Tefal Super Uno FR302130 timer
Tefal Super Uno FR302130 timer and controls
Something that is really useful for smaller kitchens and tide spaces is the odor-filter that is built in the lid of the Super Uno FR302130.

Tefal claims that thanks to its Coolwall technology the wall stay cool but that is not what I have experienced when I tested this feature in other of their fryers. Yes, it is safe to touch the outside surface/walls but they can get really hot (which is quite expected when you are frying something in 200+ C).

TEFAL Uno M - real world consumer test

So, it looks modern, offers large frying capacity, has some really useful features - filter, removable bowl, timer, dish washer friendly, there is nothing really to dislike about this fryer.

The price is also pretty decent. You can buy the Tefal Super Uno FR302130 fryer for less than a $100 and if you search more you can easily come upon online deal for $70-80.

I strongly recommend the Super Uno FR302130 for consumers who need fryer with large capacity, that is one of the best in class offers right now.
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