Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL fryer

Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL fryer - my test and review

Tefal FR480015 Mega fryer review
Review of the Tefal FR480015 Mega fryer

It is me in the kitchen again and today reviewing one of the biggest home fryers I have seen - the Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL. With this one you can easily cook up to 2 kg of food at a time, which is... a lot. Actually that is the biggest fryer offered by Tefal on the market today.

This fryer is perfect for bigger families who need food prepared fast.
Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL fryer review
Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL fryer

Design and Looks
The FR480015 Mega XXL has clean, modern design. It has a removable bowl, which makes cleaning the fryer after cooking quite easy (unfortunately, not possible with our TEFAL Uno M). The overall impression from the looks are pretty good but the Mega XXL is quite big, so you will need a bigger spot to fit this one.

As I already mentioned this fryer accommodates non-sticking removable bowl which is very useful. Inserted in the lid you will find a carbon filter to reduce bad smells in your kitchen. This is one of the more advanced filters that Tefal is using in their fryers. Most of Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL fryer parts are also dish washer safe - bowl, filter, lid.

Tefal FR480015 Mega  Tefal FR480015 Mega lid open - 2kg  bowl

In Europe the FR480015 Mega is offered for around 100 Euro. This makes it one of the more expensive deep fryers on the market, but that is quite expected when talking about the biggest fryer offered by Tefal.

Thank you for visiting my consumer blog, I hope you liked my modest review of the Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL fryer.