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Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130 specifications and video review

Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130 full tablet specifications and video review

Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130
Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130
After a week spent with the awesome looking but poor performing HP Envy X2 I decided it is high time to pay some more attention on some of the high end Windows tablets. The competition in this segment is growing very fast and today we will take a look at one of the very strong competitors in the face of Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130.
I have to admit that I don't have much experience with Windows 8 tablets as I have been avoiding them for quite some time. The reason for that was the fact that many of these tablets were released with hardware that didn't match the OS infrastructure and couldn't meet the needs of the average user - most previously released Windows tablets were slow and sluggish and really not good on the go. Things are changing these days and tablet manufacturers are finally reaching the point where Windows tablets will be a real competition for the dominant Android devices.

If I have to be honest Android is still the best mobile platform and suits perfectly most mobile devices.
The major problem with these devices is the compatibility with all the great software that we are using on daily basis on our home PCs and laptops. And here is where the Windows 8 really shines. The previously mentioned HP Envy X2 was not only a great looking piece of hardware but also supported the full version of  Windows 8.1 32-bit (not the RT one). What this basically means is that almost every application and program that you are using on your desktop PC will be available in a tablet and believe me that is something that makes a huge difference.

So, enough common talk about tablets. Now lets pay more attention on the Dell Venue 11 Pro which is an 11-inch Windows 8.1 tablet with some great features and specs. Here is a quick video review so you can get a better idea of how the Venue 11 Pro looks and performs in real world testing:

Dell Venue 11 Pro video review

Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130 tablet specifications

Processor: Intel Atom processor Z3770 (2MB Cache, up to 2.4GHz Quad-Core)

  • Display: 10.8 inch IPS Display with FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution with 10-pt capacitive touch
  • Memory: 2GB DDR3 SDRAM at -1MHz
  • Hard Drive: 64GB Mobility Solid State Drive
  • Video card: Intel Gen7 graphics
  • Operating system: Windows 8.1 Pro (32Bit) English French MUI
  • Warranty: 1 Year Basic Hardware Service +1 Year NBD Limited OS After Remote Diagnosis6
  • System weight: 1.57 lbs
  • Price: around $600

And if you want to check another very interesting and yet capable tablet I would suggest you to check the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 unboxing video.

Lenovo G500 laptop with Intel Pentium, 4GB RAM, 1TB, 15.6″ display

Lenovo G500 - affordable 15.6-inch laptop review

Lenovo G500 laptop
Lenovo G500 laptop

Today at our consumer blog we are taking a look at one of the affordable 15.6-inch laptops from Lenovo. Actually the G500 model line became very popular these days thanks to the very good configurations that Lenovo managed to offer at extremely competitive prices.

Most Lenovo G500 configurations are equipped with fast and efficient Intel Core i3 and i5 processors starting from £250 and topping £400 for the premium models.

Asus X55V

What we like about the Lenovo G500 laptop

There are couple of things that we particularly like in the G500 laptop. Of course it wouldn't be fair not to mention the price again as it is one of the key selling points for this laptop. Other than that Lenovo G500 impresses with solid build quality and adequate performance depending on the configuration you choose. Actually everything in this laptop is on average level - nothing is too good or too bad which means this laptop delivers what it is meant for, to be cheap reliable machine that is not made to be carried around all day long.

Lenovo G500 keysLenovo G500

Lenovo G500 laptopLenovo G500 charger

Not particularly good

One of the things that is not particularly good in the G500 is the cheap plastics that it is entirely made of. Another thing that definitely could be improved is the touchpad which is big enough but lacks responsiveness.

Lenovo V110-15ISK 15.6" notebook with Intel Core i3 processor

Lenovo G500 video review

And as a good suggestion, this laptop combined with the affordable Logitech M175 wireless mouse seem to make a very good couple.
Lenovo Thinkpad Ultrabook T460 is good but far from what Dell ultrabooks deliver these days

Ainol NUMY 3G AX10 quad-core tablet

Ainol NUMY 3G AX10 quad-core 10.1-inch tablet specifications and review

Ainol NUMY 3G AX10 review
Ainol NUMY 3G AX10
We have reviewed plenty of Ainol tablets so far and I have to say that this brand's popularity is growing with each new model. In today's review  we are taking a look at one of their top of the line 10.1-inch quad-core Android tablets - the NUMY 3G AX10.

Design and Looks

Ainol NUMY 3G AX10 is a very solid device but definitely not the best looking 10.1-inch tablet. Actually it reminds me a lot of the old Samsung Galaxy Tab / Galaxy Tab 2.  
You can get the NUMY 3G AX10 in two color options - black or white. The shiny plastics that surrounds the IPS display looks durable but attracts a lot of fingerprints. Thankfully the back of the tablet has more of a rubbery matte finish which provides you with a solid grip when holding the tablet. The tablet itself is not very light measured at 644 g which puts it among the heaviest in the segment.

Functions and specs

As I previously mentioned the NUMY 3G AX10 is Ainol's top of the line tablet so it is fully loaded with nice features. The tablet is powered by a very capable MTK MT8389 quad-core processor clocked at 1200 - 1500 MHz. This processor is particularly good for multitasking and runs very smooth even with heavier Android applications. The tablet comes with 1GB of RAM which many of you may consider a downside as most modern devices already have 1.5 - 2 GB of RAM.

One of the impressive features of the NUMY 3G AX10 is its display. Here we have a 10.1-inch HD IPS multi-touch capacitive display with native resolution of 1280x800. It has very good viewing angles but it is still a glossy display so it returns a lot of reflections especially when used in direct sunlight and outdoors.
With the Ainol NUMY 3G AX10 you also get fast WiFi N wireless connection, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G connectivity as well.

The primary storage space in the tablet is either 8 or 16 GB depending on the version you buy and that is also expandable with additional 32 GB with the help of microSD card. 
Ainol NUMY 3G AX10 has two cameras on board - 2MP front facing and 5MP rear camera.
Ainol NUMY 3G AX10 usually comes with Android 4.2 operating system but I am not quite sure if an upgrade to a higher version is currently available.

Ainol AX2 Android tablet review


As you can see the Ainol NUMY 3G AX10 has great features and specs to offer and the biggest surprise here is that the price remained quite reasonable. You can easily find this 10.1 inch tablet for around $250 which seems more than reasonable considering all the mentioned above. I am also sure that if you search harder you will find even better deals online and get the NUMY 3G AX10 even cheaper which will make it a real bargain. 

Ainol NUMY 3G AX10 video review

I would also recommend you to check the Ainol Novo Paladin 7 tablet review which was a real bestseller back in the days.

Logitech M175 wireless mouse specs and test

Logitech M175 wireless mouse full specifications, images and video review

Logitech M175 review
Logitech M175

Logitech M175 is one of the most popular budget wireless mouses currently offered. It has been on the market for quite some time and that's why we decided to test it and make a full review of this exceptional small product.

Looks and feel

Logitech M175 is entirely made of dark plastics (black and grey) but it feels quite solid. And even though the plastics looks a bit cheap the mouse itself gives the impression of quality made product. The  M175 is a pretty small mouse compared to a regular desktop mouse (see the image below) but it is very comfortable to use with desktop and laptop computers. Anyways, we didn't find any complaints with the build quality after couple of weeks of use so I guess the Logitech M175 does just fine in this category. 
Logitech M175 vs Canyon CNR-MSL4
Logitech M175 vs Canyon CNR-MSL4


Logitech M175 is quite easy to set up as it comes with plug and play interface and it takes literally less than a minute to get it going. All you need to do is locate the wireless nano receiver stored in the back of the mouse and put it in any of the USB sockets on your computer. The M175 also comes with a battery which is supposed to last for about a year. 
Logitech M175  is a 1000 DPI mouse and works with the receiver at 2.4 GHz. I have to admit that the mouse is very accurate and responsive (for a mouse in this class and price range of course). All three buttons are very comfortable to use and I didn't notice any miss-clicks or other inadequate behavior so far. The wireless range of the receiver is also pretty good - up to 10 meters.
Logitech M175 is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and you shouldn't find any troubles using on any of these platforms.

Logitech M175
Logitech M175 wireless mouse

Logitech M175 adapter
Logitech M175 wireless USB receiver

Logitech M175 back
Battery and receiver are stored in the back of the M175


Logitech M175 quite an affordable mouse. I bought mine on sale for 10 Euros but it is usually sold around 15-20 Euros (£15 in UK and around $20 in USA). So, basically it is a very good price for a very good mouse which I strongly recommend.

Logitech M175 wireless mouse video review

Sony KDL-55W800B 55-inch 3D LED HDTV

Sony KDL-55W800B 55-inch 3D LED HDTV review - price, features and specifications of the Sony KDL55W800B premium TV

Sony KDL-55W800B review
Sony KDL-55W800B 55-inch 3D LED HDTV

The KDL-55W800B is one of the latest big screen LED TVs released from Sony in 2014. It combines premium design with enhanced functionality of a Full HD Smart 3D TV.

Design and looks

Sony KDL-55W800B is a very good looking piece of electronics. It has a diagonal size of 54.6-inches plus a very thin frame which is quite obvious even from couple of meters distance. Some consumers may find this a bit disturbing as we are already quite used to have frameless TVs in the premium segment. I personally don't mind having a thing frame, I even prefer it that way as it gives the TV more solid look and feel but of course this is something quite individual and it is perfectly normal if you prefer frameless TV.

Sony KDL-55W800B is very thin and it has quite simple but very solid metal stand which positions this big screen tightly in place.


The KDL-55W800B is very functional TV with all kinds of adjustments and Smart TV features. I am not going to waste your time and go through each of these options but I will give you a full list of the Sony KDL-55W800B audio and video specifications:


3D Comb Filter : Yes

MPEG Noise Reduction : Yes

Blinking Type : Frame Blinking

Intelligent Picture Optimizer : Yes

Wide Mode : Full; Normal; Wide Zoom; Zoom; Caption; Normal / Full1 / Full2 for PC

4:3 Default : Yes

PhotoTV HD : Yes

Picture Mode : Vivid; Standard; Custom; Photo-Vivid; Photo-Standard; Photo-Original; Photo-Custom; Cinema1; Cinema2; Game-Standard; Game-Original; Graphics; Sports; Animation

24p True Cinema™ Technology : Yes

Auto Wide : Yes

CineMotion® Reverse 3:2 Pulldown Technology : Yes

Video Processing : X-Reality PRO

Live Color™ Technology : Yes

Deep Color : Yes

Portable Game Mode : Fine Full; Fine Normal; Portable Game1; Portable Game2

Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) : Yes

Motionflow™ Technology : Motionflow XR 480

Impulse Mode : Yes

Clear Mode : Yes

Face Area Detection : Yes

Scene Optimized Energy Saving : Yes

Super-resolution for Game Mode : Yes

Intelligent MPEG Noise Reduction : Yes

Video Signal : 1080/24p (HDMI only); 1080/60i; 1080/60p (HDMI / Component); 480/60i; 480/60p; 720/60p; 1080/30p (HDMI only); 720/30p (HDMI only); 720/24p (HDMI only)


Audio Power Output : 10W+10W

Speaker Configuration : 2ch, Full Range (30 x 80mm) x 2

Speaker Position : Down Firing

Sony Original Surround : S-Force Front Surround

Headphone/Speaker Link : Yes

Alternate Audio (Digital) : Yes

Clear Phase Speaker : Yes

Signal-to-Sound Architecture : Yes

Digital Out Format : Dolby Digital, PCM

Auto Mute (on no signal) : Yes

Reflector : Yes

Sound Mode : Standard; Cinema; Sports; Music; Game; Compressed Audio

S-Master : Yes

Advanced Auto Volume : Yes

Sound Booster : Yes

Stereo System : MTS (AUTO SAP)

Audio Out : Fixed / Variable

Dolby® : Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse

5.1 Channel Audio Out : Yes

Connectivity (interfaces)

Subwoofer Out : 1 (Side / Hybrid w/ HP and Audio Out)

Analog Audio Input(s) (Total) : 2 (Rear)

Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Input(s) : 1 (Rear / Hybrid)

Audio Out : 1 (Side / Hybrid w/ HP)

USB 2.0 : 2 (Side)

Composite Video Input(s) : 2 (1 Rear / 1 Rear Hybrid w/ Component)

AC Power Input : AC Adapter

HDMI™ Connection(s) (Total) : 4 (1 Side / 3 Bottom)

Headphone Output(s) : 1 (Side / Hybrid w/ Audio Out)

Ethernet Connection(s) : 1 (Rear)

MHL : Yes

RF Connection Input(s) : 1 (Bottom)

HDMI PC Input Format : 640x480@60Hz; 800x600@60Hz; 1280x768@60Hz-R; 1280x768@60Hz; 1360x768@60Hz; 1024x768@60Hz; 1280x1024@60Hz; 1920x1080@60Hz

Digital Audio Output(s) : 1 (Rear)

HDMI™ PC Input : Yes

Wi-Fi Standard : a/b/g/n

Wi-Fi Frequency : 2.4Ghz/5Ghz ( for Wi-Fi Direct / Screen mirroring: 2.4Ghz Only)

Wi-Fi Direct : Yes

Skype™ : Ready

Guide and Search : Yes

TV Tweet : Yes

One-touch mirroring : Yes

TV SideView™ : Yes

Screen mirroring : Yes

Related Search : Yes

Search : Yes

One-Flick entertainment : Yes

Social Viewing : Yes (Tweet only)

Photo Share : Yes

Net AD : Yes (depends on ad provider)

Seamless Streaming : Yes

DLNA Content : MPEG1 / MPEG2PS / MPEG2TS / AVCHD / MP4Part10 / MP4Part2 / AVI(XVID) / AVI(MotionJpeg) / MOV / WMV / MKV / WEBM / 3GPP / MP3 / WMA / LPCM / JPEG / MPO

Sony Entertainment Network : Yes

Wireless LAN : Integrated

Opera Apps (System) : Yes

Wi-Fi Certified : Yes

Internet Browser : Yes (Opera)


Sony KDL-55W800B uses active 3D technology and the 3D experience on this big screen is pretty good. You also get a pair of 3D glasses with the TV (TDG-BT400A).


Considering this is a very big HDTV with plenty of qualities I wouldn't say that the price of $1500 is high. Actually it seems quite fair considering some competitors from Samsung which cost couple of hundred more like the Samsung UE55F6400.

Anyways, it is up to you to decide how much you are going to spend on a TV. I would also suggest to take a look at few of the other very good offers for 55-inch TVs from SonySony KDL-55W802ASony KDL-55W900ASony KDL-55W805 review.

Canyon CNR-FWC113 budget webcam with microphone

Canyon CNR-FWC113 1.3 Megapixel webcam with microphone - consumer test and review

Canyon CNR-FWC113 webcam
Canyon CNR-FWC113

Web Cam Features:

  • Manual focus ring

  • 360 degree pivot

  • Face Tracking Function

  • Multiple Special Effect

  • Zoom in Zoom Out


Canyon CNR-FWC113 is a budget 1.3 Megapixel budget webcam with microphone and adjustable stand. We've been using this webcam for couple of weeks now so we decided to share our impressions with the CNR-FWC113 in this short review. 

When we got the Dell E2314H a month ago it was clear that we will need some additional gadgets in order to make the new office configuration complete. This wonderful 23-inch Dell monitor doesn't have any web camera so I decided it would be nice to get an external USB webcam with mic for conference and Skype calls. What I didn't expect to happen is to buy such device from the local hypermarket. Yes, I saw the Canyon CNR-FWC113 on sale while I was getting some groceries from the store and decided to give it a try.

The price was also quite appealing - I got it for only 6 Euros which looked like an amazing value to me. Usually this camera is offered for around 10-15 Euros so it was around 50% discount.

Canyon CNR-FWC113Canyon CNR-FWC113 package

Canyon CNR-FWC113 webcam

The plug and play interface of the CNR-FWC113 allows an easy and quick set up. Once I got it up and running I immediately fixed onto the monitor. That was quite easy with the flexible adjustable stand which allows various positioning of the webcam. I made couple of test Skype calls with this one already and it performs pretty well - sound was reported to be clear on the other side so was the picture.

Canyon CNR-FWC113 does very well so far but don't expect any exceptional performance as it has very basic specifications:

  • Image Sensor Technology CMOS

  • Maximum Video Resolution 1280x1024

  • Maximum Frame Capture Rate 30 fps (640x480)

  • Interface USB 2.0


  • Depth (mm) 65 mm

  • Height (mm) 80 mm

  • Width (mm) 59 mm

  • Weight: 99 g

CNR-FWC113 flexible stand
Canyon CNR-FWC113 has flexible adjustable stand

So, the overall impression from the Canyon CNR-FWC113 is very good, it is a good value for money webcam and it seems reliable so I can recommend it to those who are searching for a budget webcam with basic specs.

Privileg MID-72K 7-inch Android tablet

 Privileg MID-72K 7-inch Android tablet price, specifications and quick review

Privileg MID-72K tablet
Privileg MID-72K - cheap 7-inch Android tablet

Privileg MID-72K is one of the affordable and quite popular dual-core Android tablet these days and that is why we decided to make this quick review. This 7-inch Android 4.2 tablet is offered really cheap and there are few major reasons for that - outdated hardware, mediocre performance and display that is... well lets just say it is a color touchscreen display.


As I already mentioned Privileg MID-72K has pretty old hardware. It is powered by 1GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor and has only 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage space, specifications that by today's standards are very low.

Privileg MID-72K rear
Privileg MID-72K - rear side, camera and ports

The 7-inch (17.7 cm) display is completely another story. It is a 5-point capacitive screen but has very low resolution of  just 800x480 pixels. Here we can also add that the display is not very responsive and irs colors are also not very bright and pleasant to look at.

Privileg MID-72K has two cameras on board - both the front-facing and the rear one are with VGA resolution and don't expect to make any good photos. I guess these cameras would be only good for video chat and calls.

As for the connectivity options with MID-72K you get fast 802.11 B/G/N WiFi and micro USB port

Weight and Dimensions

Privileg MID-72K weighs just 262 g and measures 184.3x110x10.7 mm.

Privileg MID-72K



Privileg MID-72K has one very big advantage and that is its price. You can easily find this 7-inch tablet for around 50 Euros which puts it around of the cheapest dual-core Android 4.2 tablets on the market today.

You can also check the MID-756 tablet review which has very similar specs and could be find even cheaper than the MID-72K.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 unboxing video

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet unboxing and quick video review

You have probably noticed that Windows 8 tablets are getting more and more popular these days. The main reason for that is the growing need of better mobile computing which most customers do not meet in the Android devices. The better hardware that is now available in most Windows tablets allows great functionality on the go and big manufacturers are not going to miss this moment and I am sure we will see new models coming every month.
For today's quick video review we will take a look at the Surface Pro 3 which is Microsoft's top of the line 12-inch tablet.
So, here is the unboxing video that we've got for you, hopefully you will enjoy it:

Surface Pro 3 unboxing video

As you can see the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is one very interesting and capable device. This tablet is now available for pre-orders - the cheapest model that will come with  Intel Core i3 processor and 64GB of storage space will cost around $799 (£639 in UK) and the top of the line Surface Pro 3 will cost around $1,549 ( £1,339 in UK) but you will rely on massive computing power with Intel Core i7 processor and up to 512GB SSD for storage.

And you want similar productivity and high mobility factor at a cheaper price I would recommend you to check the Asus VivoBook S200E-CT216H review, I am sure you will be surprise how much value and performance you can get for less than £400.

Dell E2314H 23-inch Full HD LED monitor specs, test and consumer review

Dell E2314H 23-inch Full HD LED monitor specifications, test, images and consumer review

Dell E2314H review
Dell E2314H consumer review

Dell E2314H is the monitor that I recently bought for work purposes and it has been almost two weeks since I am using this one, that's why I decided it is high time to share my impressions and make a quick review of this 23-inch Full HD LED monitor.

Dell E2314H
E2314H comes with VGA and DVI-D ports

When I first decided I need new bigger monitor I was sure that my primary choice would be Dell as I was working on a 22-inch wide Dell panel for about a year now and I was very pleased with it's performance. I had some concerns though as I was confident I am going to be a 24-inch IPS panel but eventually gave up on that idea. I don't know why but I don't prefer the shiny IPS screens that Dell is currently offering - models like the P2414H and S2340L offer better colors and overall picture quality but are more expensive and not really suitable for work purposes as they have glare coating (for the S2340L).

So, I finally made my mind and decided that I will get the E2314H which is a decent size and has more than decent specs, it looks nice and the price was really good. I bought my E2314H for less than 140 Euros which is a great deal for a 23-inch Full HD LED panel. It's been two weeks since I am using this monitor on daily basis and I have to admit that I am really pleased with my choice, really nothing to complain from. The screen is big enough to fit multiple applications but doesn't dominate my work desk like a 24+ monitor would do, it is really the right size for the tasks I am using. It is really not meant to be a multimedia monitor, the models that I previously mentioned would do a better job as they offer better viewing angles and very rich colors - the main advantages of the IPS displays.

Dell E2314H rear
Dell E2314H monitor looks slim and fit

Here are the main specifications of the Dell E2314H:

Panel backlight: LED
Display Type: Widescreen Flat Panel Display
Diagonally viewable Size: 58.4 cm / 23.0 inches (23.0 -inch wide viewable image size)
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16:9)
Panel Type, Surface: TN, anti glare with hard coat 3H
Optimal resolution: 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
Contrast Ratio: 1000 to 1 (typical)
Brightness: 250 cd/m² (typical)
Response Time: 5 ms (back to white)
Max Viewing Angle: (160° vertical /170° horizontal)
Color Gamut (typical): 83% (CIE 1976)1
Color Depth: 16.7 million colors
Pixel Pitch: 0.265 mm
Display Screen Coating: Antiglare with hard-coating 3H
Ports: 1x VGA and 1x DVI-D

And Here are some more images of the Dell E2314H:

E2314H standDell E2314HE2314H settings

Dell E2314H hiorizontal viewing angleE2314H vertical viewing angleE2314H


So, this was my short consumer review of the affordable 23-inch Dell E2314H monitor. Don't forget to check the rest of our monitor reviews where plenty of interesting info is available.

Sony MDR-XD150 closed stereo headphones

Sony MDR-XD150B / Sony MDR-XD150W closed stereo headphones - price specifications and quick review

Sony MDR-XD150 review
Sony MDR-XD150B

Sony MDR-XD150 is an affordable way for bringing quality sound to your PC or any other media unit with 3.5 mm headphone jack.  This closed dynamic pair of headphones delivers nice clear sound and isolates the surrounding pretty well.

Sony MDR-XD150 specifications:

Type : Closed, Dynamic

Driver unit: 40mm

Impedance: 32 ohms

Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW

Frequency Response : 12 - 22,000Hz

Cord length: 2m cord (both sides)

Plug: Gold-plated L-shaped Stereo Mini

Weight:  160g (without cord)

We have the MDR-XD150 for almost a week now and that's why I decided it is high time to share my first impressions with these headphones. First of all I would like to say that my opinion about them won't be too harsh as I bought the headphones brand new for less than 20 Euros and for such price we shouldn't be too demanding.

Looks and Feel

On first look the Sony MDR-XD150 look very nice. I bought the black and gray version of the headphones which is marked as Sony MDR-XD150B. You can also find a white model which is named Sony MDR-XD150W. The headphones feel well made and solid and the long 2 m cable is a huge advantage over the competition which usually offers connectors only 1.2 m in length which is not a lot by any means.

Unfortunately the good looks don't bring any comfort when using these headphones. The feeling that you get after using the MDR-XD150 for couple of hours is not very good as the top part is not padded and I could really feel some pain on top of  my head. Other than that they fit pretty well on the ear.

Sony MDR-XD150

Sony MDR-XD150B review

Sony MDR-XD150B

Sony MDR-XD150B headphones

Sound quality

The sound quality offered by the MDR-XD150 is pretty good but not fantastic though. Once again I would like to remind you that these headphones are offered quite cheap and we should take the price into consideration when speaking about sound quality. The thing here is that I was expecting a little deeper sound because in most occasions the sound feels more like from a better in-ear headphones rather than quality closed headphones. The driver unit that provided the sound is 40 mm with 100 dB/mW sensitivity and 32 ohms impedance. So, the overall impression from the sound quality is good but far from the premium sound quality.


As I already mentioned above I spent around 20 Euros for the Sony MDR-XD150 but prices differ depending on the locations where these headphones are offered. In UK these cost around £20 and if you live in the US they will cost you around $45.

Sony MDR-XD150B headphones


Sony MDR-XD150 is really a very cheap way of adding some quality sound, just don't be fooled by the good looks, the sound performance and quality is on average level.

You can also check my short unboxing video review of the Sony MDR-XD150 or visit our TestProductReview YouTube channel for more interesting videos.