Lenovo G500 laptop with Intel Pentium, 4GB RAM, 1TB, 15.6″ display

Lenovo G500 - affordable 15.6-inch laptop review

Lenovo G500 laptop
Lenovo G500 laptop

Today at our consumer blog we are taking a look at one of the affordable 15.6-inch laptops from Lenovo. Actually the G500 model line became very popular these days thanks to the very good configurations that Lenovo managed to offer at extremely competitive prices.

Most Lenovo G500 configurations are equipped with fast and efficient Intel Core i3 and i5 processors starting from £250 and topping £400 for the premium models.

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What we like about the Lenovo G500 laptop

There are couple of things that we particularly like in the G500 laptop. Of course it wouldn't be fair not to mention the price again as it is one of the key selling points for this laptop. Other than that Lenovo G500 impresses with solid build quality and adequate performance depending on the configuration you choose.

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 Actually everything in this laptop is on average level - nothing is too good or too bad which means this laptop delivers what it is meant for, to be cheap reliable machine that is not made to be carried around all day long.

Lenovo G500 keysLenovo G500

Lenovo G500 laptopLenovo G500 charger

Not particularly good

One of the things that is not particularly good in the G500 is the cheap plastics that it is entirely made of. Another thing that definitely could be improved is the touchpad which is big enough but lacks responsiveness.

Lenovo G500 video review

And as a good suggestion, this laptop combined with the affordable Logitech M175 wireless mouse seem to make a very good couple.
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